Level Up Your Golf Game with Artificial Turf

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Putting Greens

Rumor has it that there is no place in the world that does golf in the desert better than Arizona. Featuring over 300 courses, each with unique terrain and obstacles, and housing many tournaments; it’s no wonder one of the favorite hobbies in the state of Arizona is golfing. 

Many of the state’s residents take their golf game very seriously and some can even be spotted practicing on a putting green in their very own backyard. While this was once seen as a luxury only the lucky could indulge in, that is no longer the case. 

In fact, having your own putting green allows you to practice the least practiced shots in golf; chipping and putting. Paradise Greens has included many putting greens into the backyards of golf enthusiasts allowing them to practice in the convenience of their home. 

What Are The Different Putting Green Options? 

Like any of our other projects, we can customize to fit your needs. When it comes to installing a putting green there is a lot we can do. The only limit is the size of your lot!

You can mimic the most challenging spots in your favorite courses, add in a few holes, or add in an arrangement of different traps and obstacles; e.g. sand traps, water traps, and boulders. Depending on the size and shape of your backyard, you can also add in curves or hills. We can even adjust the speed of the green depending on the turf we use. 

How Much Does Installing a Putting Green Cost? 

Similar to any design we do at Paradise Greens, this will depend on the surface area, cost of turf, and complexity of the design. Generally though, buying turf is similar to buying new carpet or flooring and you pay a  price based on the square footage needed. 

We are able to work with you to create your dream design while sticking to a budget. 

Is Putting Green Hard to Maintain?

Thinking about maintaining a putting green might sound like a lot of work. Since a backyard putting green will be made out of artificial turf though, maintenance will be relatively easy! Just hose it down every once in a while and use an artificial grass brush to keep your putting green looking its best! 

Artificial turf can last up to 15 years if it’s taken care of and the same goes for your putting green. For more tips on maintaining artificial grass, read our blog How To Care For Artificial Turf

Adding a Custom Putting Green is a Great Way to Level Up Your Golf Game

Many golfers in Arizona are taking advantage of the convenience of having their very own putting green in their backyard, and it’s easy to see why! The sport is a big part of the Arizona lifestyle thanks to the incredible warm weather year round.

Give Paradise Greens a call today and start customizing your very own putting green today! We want you to enjoy the convenience of practicing your putting and chipping in the comfort of your backyard, don’t you? 

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