While many Arizonian’s love the use of artificial grass for their back or front yards, what if you own a condo with limited outdoor space? The great news is that turf works just as nicely for patios and balconies as it does a lawn! In fact, there are even some benefits when upgrading your small outdoor spaces by installing artificial grass. 

Adds Greenery Without the Fuss or Maintenance 

When living in a condo, adding in plant life (whether real or fake) has been known to improve your mood while in your four walls. However, not everyone has the time or energy to take care of greenery during their down time. This is where artificial turf comes in! You can bring in a sense of nature while leaving behind all the work to take care of it. Artificial turf requires very little maintenance so you get to reap the benefits without much effort on your end. 

A Cooler Balcony During the Hot Arizona Days

Due to the nature of artificial turf, it can help reduce the amount of heat retained by concrete in the warmer months. This is because fake grass itself doesn’t hold on to as much heat as concrete would so it provides a cooler and more comfortable space for you to enjoy, especially if you live somewhere in Arizona where the temperatures remain warm year round. By installing artificial turf on your balcony/patio, you’ll get more use out of your outdoor space simply because it is more comfortable to enjoy. 

Great for Pets! 

Living in a condo not only means little outdoor space for you, but also for your pets! Dogs especially enjoy spending time in the grass but it’s hard to replicate that feeling for them with a concrete balcony or patio. By installing artificial grass in your outdoor space, you’re creating a space for your four legged family members to enjoy as well. Not to mention, it’s even easier to clean than concrete too! 

Many of the same benefits to installing artificial turf for your lawn apply to installing the fake stuff on your balcony/patio as well. Artificial turf on a balcony or patio elevates your space and provides you a more comfortable area for you and your pets to enjoy the outdoors in. We have helped many improve the look of their outdoor spaces regardless of it being a lawn, roof top, or balcony. Give us a call today and get ready to enjoy a glass of wine or a delicious beer on your newly installed artificial turf.