Worry-Free Artificial Grass for Dogs

Play Areas and Pet Runs, Phoenix AZ


Odor-Reducing Options FEATURING ZEOFILL and Sanitized® Technology

Odors are one of the most common issues when it comes to dogs, cats, and artificial lawns. Pet waste doesn’t biodegrade on artificial grass the way it would on natural sod, but we have solutions for that. We recommend SYNLawn® Super Yarn for all your pet odor needs. Its Sanitized® silver-based antimicrobial backing eliminates pets odors and provide long-lasting protection against molds and fungal growth. But we don't stop there. Your infill matters. For pet runs, we use ZeoFill (volcanic ash) that absorbs odors quickly and as a bonus keeps the turf much cooler. Combined with SYNLawn Super Yarn, we can put together a backyard play area for dogs that will neutralize odors faster than any other artificial grass in the country.


You take good care of your pets, and they take good care of you – but they aren’t as nice when it comes to your yard. We know dogs love to lay their bellies on cool grass on a hot day. That's why choosing artificial grass that stays cool in the Arizona sun is even more important when it comes to dogs and other animals. Luckily, we have multiple options for you to choose from, including DualChill® from SYNLawn® Super Yarn, as well as our very own CoolBlade technology. Your dogs will love it almost as much as you do.


STATIC Protection with STATBlock®

When it comes to pet runs, static buildup is an often-overlooked problem, especially when you have multiple dogs who love to play. But thankfully, with SYNLawn® Super Yarn, static buildup is no longer a problem you need to be concerned about. Most artificial grasses on the market have some level of static-reduction, but StatBlock® is the first DNA-level addition, ensuring that it won't wear off, and providing up to a 17x reduction in static compared to grass without static protection.

SYNLawn® Super Yarn:



Silver-based antimicrobial technology helps eliminate pets odors and provide long-lasting protection against molds and fungal growth.


Increases reflectivity of infrared radiation from the sun – up to a 42% percent increase, for a lawn where your pets can fall asleep comfortably. 


Introduces anti-static technology in the turf fibers themselves, for up to 17x the reduction in turf static, so your dogs can play rough and keep safe.


Loved by Pet Owners, Groomers and Doggie Daycares

We’ve put together pets runs for local Arizona businesses, neighborhoods, and homeowners. An artificial grass pet run by Paradise Greens will hold up to the activities of 20 rambunctious dogs, day in and day out. No matter what your application, we can design a play area for your dogs, cats, or whatever species your furry friends may be that will stand the test of time and make your life just a little easier.


Man’s best friend deserves the best – and you deserve some peace of mind. All of our artificial turf products are made right here in the United States, meaning they meet the highest standards and strictest guidelines for both quality and safety. When you choose artificial turf from Paradise Greens, you'll have the benefit of knowing you've chosen the safest option available for your pets and children. Our artificial turf provides a play area for dogs where they can play until their hearts’ content, without needing to worry about their safety (or about dragging dirt into your house). A safe play area for your dogs, a perfect yard for you.

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