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Paradise Greens Solved Our Problems

After years of paying huge water bills and spending time maintaining our grass, we started looking for alternatives to maintaining our backyard. We wanted something that was going to be appealing, be able to withstand kids and dogs, and maybe even include a putting green. We got quotes from three different artificial turf companies, and while prices were comparable, Paradise Greens had the best design and problem-solving for what we were looking for.

Paradise Greens made the process extremely easy and we love the finished product! We have two big golden retrievers that use the turf and it has been practically indestructible. Our dogs specifically have had allergies to grass and trees in the past, so we love that we no longer have to worry about that with artificial turf. It feels great on our feet, it always looks great, and we couldn’t be happier. We love it and definitely recommend Paradise Greens to our friends and family.

– Blair and Beth

Constantly Going Above and Beyond

Not being from the area and never having dealt with artificial grass, I had to do a lot of research, and Paradise Greens kept coming to the top as far as their designs, their customer service, their reviews in general. And so after reaching out to multiple different companies, Paradise Greens, just, they were constantly answering questions, going above and beyond, especially Bobby.  So at the end of the day they were just the best choice for me and my family.

Before we actually moved here these walls were not up and Paradise Greens was out here just to measure and kind of help us get an idea of what we could and could not do. We actually changed our minds multiple times as far as what we wanted for design and they were always flexible, always willing to go above and beyond, and at the end of the day we got exactly what we wanted.

The crew was amazing, they were here when they said they would be here, they worked hard, I was home during the entire process and I never saw them not working. I came out multiple times to ask questions, and they were always able to answer and happy to stop what they were doing and help me, just so I understood the process and what was happening, so amazing job.

– Ben

Made the Process Easy

Paradise Greens was kind of a no-brainer for us. We called around a few different places, and after just speaking with Bobby on the phone for a couple minutes, we knew their, their expertise was perfect for what we needed, even though it was a pretty simple application, someone with so much relevant experience, we just knew it was the perfect choice for us to go ahead and use Paradise Greens and it was awesome, we’re so happy we did.

Worked out perfect, we were clueless about the process of installing turf, so to have Bobby come over and really just kind of lay out, what would be simple, what would be the most cost-effective for us, and really just take some rookies and guide us through the process was as easy as we could have imagined it being.

Install was awesome. We had so many curveballs with weather and rain and stuff and the curbing… kind of got shifted around a few times, but it worked out great, the install was professionally done, it was great, the guys were awesome over at the house, so yeah, we really appreciate all you guy’s work and we couldn’t have had a better experience with this.

– Ken

Our Friends Want Their Own Now!

I just did a Google search, and I found your website and of course I looked at the reviews, and all your reviews were fabulous, and I saw that you guys were number one, and so I was like you know, let’s check it out!

It was awesome, cause we did meet with a couple different designers, and the one thing I really liked about Michael was that he had great vision. You know, we told him what we wanted and we had a smaller space, but we wanted certain breaks and he came up with some ideas that was phenomenal. And the great thing was like, he wasn’t pushy. He was like, “Here’s what it is, you know, if you got any questions give me a call.” That was phenomenal, because other companies that we did go through, were very pushy. They were like, “This is the price, if you don’t get it now, I’m sorry, it’s going to be a higher price.”

Oh my God, it is phenomenal. I got to see it as it was being put in, in the different phases, and the crew is, they are so spectacular with what they do… just to see my yard transformed from a dirt plot to this is phenomenal, and to be out here and to play it and just see the breaks – like, they’re very slight, but oh my god, it’s amazing.

The finished product is great. We actually have some friends that just came in town and they saw it and got to play on it, and they want to go back home to Dallas and find somebody to do this for them.

– Toni

Really, Really Listened to What I Wanted

I’ve known Charlie for several years and knew he owned a turf company, so I said hey why not give him a shot, see what we can get.

I’m gonna say, Matt has a ton of patience. I mean, he came out several different times, we scrapped and re-started over. He took his time with me and didn’t complain once about coming out here, and really really listened to what I wanted, which was really, really important. As you can see, we’re really super super excited how this all turned out and without Matt’s help from Paradise Greens there’s no way this could have gotten… through in this manner.

I thought it was gonna be a couple months out and I got the notification from Matt that we’ll be out in like 10 days to get it all wrapped up. It worked out perfectly because the landscaping team just finished all the stuff that they needed to do beforehand.

They rolled in a small army let me tell you, and I couldn’t believe how much work they got done, and the uh, meticulous manner that they worked in. Literally they’re on their hands and knees with every blade of grass making it perfect, they’re like artists. I love everybody at Paradise Greens, they’re amazing top to bottom.

There’s no other reason to talk to anybody else, these are the guys.

– Jessie

One Satisfied Customer

Just a short note to compliment your team at Paradise Greens. Starting with my first meeting with Bobby everything far exceeded my expectation!!

Bobby was professional, efficient and straightforward about price and quality. His follow up was terrific and touched base with me throughout the process.

The installation crew just could not have been better!! From arrival, design, installation and clean up….all completed at a high level. It was obvious to me they have high standards in every aspect of their work.

I believe organizational culture starts at the top so thank you and please let your group know they have one satisfied customer.

– B. Jewell

Highly Recommended

We had friends who used you and their backyard looks fabulous, and you came highly recommended, so that’s why we went with Paradise Greens,

Top notch, very professional crew. Really pleased with the attention to detail that they took on this job and the amount of effort they made to really provide us with an outcome that meets all my expectations.

– Patty & Dwight

See their front and backyard


Their Expertise Really Made The Difference

After doing some research, Paradise Greens seemed like clearly the best company in the valley, and I couldn’t have been wrong, just the quality of work, the materials, everything has been spectacular. [They] came out on my schedule, exactly on time, came up with a number of ideas of ways to do things that I hadn’t thought about, that ended up making it all work so much better. So I really appreciated his experience and insight in being able to say, we can do it this way, and it just came out better than I expected.

– Judy

I Look Forward to Making Thousands of Putts on this Green

I thought you guys were very expeditious as far as responding to, getting the quote to me, and it was very competitive, and that’s why I got interested, and I was able to go putt on a green too that he put in.

They [installation crew] were clean, neat, I was surprised, the street’s clean, the patio’s clean, everything is clean and they protected all the travertine that they had to come across, so they did a great job.

End result is, I’ve made the first putt and I look forward to making thousands more.

– Jerry

A Putting Green and Pool Combo That’s Exactly As Ordered 

I looked at a couple of other companies and you know, the price was most competitive compared to the other companies, as well as I got to work with you directly about the design that I wanted specifically back here, I wasn’t pushed to have my green a certain way that you wanted it. You allowed me to freely get exactly what I wanted and where I wanted in my backyard, and when the time came to go with anyone, I knew that you would be the best decision to go with, just because you’re close by here, you’re local, and you’re also backing your product 100%.

The guys who came out and did the actual green, they were speedy, they worked hard all day, they were very informative when they were doing the actual flattening of the green and getting the breaks exactly how I wanted them. And then, once it came time to lay the grass and roll it, they were very attentive to what speed I wanted the green and how I wanted everything looking back here and making sure I was involved the entire step of the way.

I definitely recommend going with Paradise Greens.

– Casey

Putting Green Perfection in Scottsdale, AZ

We did some very careful research because it was a big project and it was costly and we didn’t want to make a mistake with the wrong company. And so after doing research, we looked online at reviews, we talked to Charlie who was very knowledgeable about his product, and it seemed to me that it was the kind of product that we’d want down in our home. And it’s definitely complimenting the backyard at this point.

They [installers] were terrific, they showed up on time, they were very polite, they were very clean. I didn’t have any mess to clean up after they were done, and they answered questions as they were moving along with the project, to it was great.

If you look around and you see the quality of the product, and it was all completed within a day’s time which kind of surprised me, but it was done in a very, very good manner and I would definitely recommend them.

– Maureen

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