Artificial turf is becoming a very popular choice for residential and commercial property owners. It has a reputation for being low maintenance. However, there are still a few routine things you should do to keep your artificial lawn beautiful and in tip-top shape. 

Break Out The Hose

Artificial lawns do not have nearly the same watering needs as a natural lawn would, but that doesn’t mean you should put your hose into storage. Your artificial lawn would benefit from a quick spray every now and then to clean off the pollutants, dust, and dirt that can build up over time. Not only will this keep your lawn clean but also keep it looking fresh. 

Clean Up After Your Pet 

This one might seem a little obvious, but the last thing you want to do is leave waste on your artificial turf until the end of the week. Make sure to pick up after pets right away and to rinse your lawn regularly to prevent stains and odors. 

Brush It Out! 

Overtime, you may start to notice some spots that are matted down on your lawn. The perfect way to remedy this and revive your beautiful artificial turf is by running a brush though the matted down areas or any area you feel could use some sprucing up. There are special brushes made specifically for artificial grass that will take those matted areas from drab to fab. 

A Little Bit of Work Goes a Long Way 

Artificial grass is a great investment for anyone looking to cut down on their lawn maintenance cost and time (basically all of us, right?). Although it does significantly reduce the amount of energy that goes into caring for a lawn, that doesn’t mean you can install it and forget about it. Artificial grass requires a small amount of work to keep it looking fresh and help it last many years to come.