Artificial Grass for the Kids- Is It Safe?

by | Mar 18, 2022 | Artificial Turf Backyards, Artificial Turf for Kids, Artificial Turf Sport Areas

Children love to play outdoors.  The lush green lawn usually is the preferred playground for the kids for playing with toys, having fun hitting a baseball, or simply running around. All of which is good for their mental and physical development.  

When thinking about installing artificial grass, most parents become concerned whether it will be safe for the kids. If you are such a parent, you should rest at ease as we will address your concern by debunking common misconceptions about the safety hazards associated with artificial grass, and how it can, in fact, be better for the kids than traditional grass.

1. Playing on Artificial Grass do not Pose a Health Risk

The most common myth about artificial grass is that it can cause health problems. Some people unknowingly purport the idea that the synthetic turf can result in untreatable bacterial disease or even cancer.  

However, the fact is no verifiable link has been found between artificial grass and diseases. The reality is quite to the contrary. A large number of studies have found that there is no relationship between the materials used in artificial turf and cancer or other health maladies.  

2. Synthetic Turf Does not Contain Lead

About a decade ago, some people had unknowingly circulated the idea that artificial grass contains lead. This is another myth regarding artificial grass that is simply not true. While in the past some synthetic turf manufacturers did use lead chromate as a coloring for the grass, the practice was discontinued after a directive of the US Consumer Product Safety (CPSC). According to a comprehensive investigation of the CPSC, it was found that artificial grass did not pose any risk to children due to lead exposure. The artificial grass is 100 percent safe for use in the school playground, homes, and public spaces.  

3. Artificial Turf Does not Contain Harmful Bacteria 

Contrary to the view espoused by some people without correct knowledge, harmful bacteria does not proliferate the artificial turf. The reality is that the synthetic grass may reduce the health risk as bacteria and other pests do not thrive on the surface. On the other hand, natural grass attracts harmful pests that carry deadly bacteria that can be harmful to the kids. 

Since there is no need to use chemical repellent or fertilizers on the synthetic grass, it is perfectly safe for children.  

4. Artificial Turf Creates a Fire Hazard

A common myth surrounding artificial grass is that they overheat, resulting in a fire. The reality is that modern artificial grass doesn’t get hot. This was the case with older grass made of unsafe synthetic materials. But most of the artificial grass today is designed to reflect heat. In fact, some of them remain cool enough for the kids to walk on the surface during hot summer days. 

5. Artificial Turf Increases Risk of Injuries

Although, the risk of injury is present when playing on artificial grass, the risk is no higher than natural grass. A study conducted by Sports Medicine found conclusive evidence that the risk of sports injuries with artificial grass is comparable with natural turf.  

The bottom-line is that artificial turf is perfectly safe for children. There is no risk of fire hazard, deadly diseases such as bacterial infection, or lead exposure. However, you must make sure that you buy the synthetic turf from a reputable company that has a reputation of selling safe and kid-friendly artificial grass. 

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