Consider Artificial Turf When Selling Your Home

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Why Go With Artificial Turf

Why artificial turf can help you sell your home faster 

Planning to place your home on the market? Artificial turf can help you sell faster. Statistics show that turf can improve the value of your home for prospective buyers. So what benefits does artificial turf bring you? In this blog, we share some of the main benefits. 

First impressions matter for home buyers 

When selling a home, first impressions are everything. Artificial turf has a way of standing out and adding a great shade of green to your home. Buyers want to be impressed by what they see and visualize themselves in that space. A clean and well-cared-for compound makes them feel like half the work is already done. One Realtor article stated, “Artificial grass has a certain appeal for homeowners who are overwhelmed by the idea of regular lawn maintenance.”

“The average house hunter will often decide, within a matter of seconds, if they are interested.” – Paul Esajan, founder of Fortune Builders. What does this mean? You need to find a simple way to make your home stand out in the market. Natural lawn has its challenges and providing an alternative that can stand different seasons helps you stand out. It will be green all year long! A majority of homebuyers will consider that choice. 

Artificial lawns can save costs 

While artificial grass requires an initial investment, the money saved over ten years is well worth it. There is no need to pay for lawn mowing, lawn equipment maintenance, or yard services. You won’t require as much weed killer, fertilizer, or pesticide because you won’t need as much of it. Your artificial turf is expected for a long time so you’ll see a return on your investment.

Artificial turf also helps you save money on your water bill, because it does not require it. The cost savings may be enough to entice potential buyers to consider your home when you’re ready to sell, but there’s another consideration that could be even more appealing. Synthetic grass will also help you save time. They can now spend time with their families on their lawns instead of spending hours tending to them. For some prospective homebuyers, that could be the deciding factor.

Artificial turf is more sustainable 

As a final point, artificial grass is highly beneficial for the environment. Artificial grass, for instance, saves water. Therefore, it might be a great solution to the environmental challenges of today. Artificial grass eliminates the need for irrigation and minimizes the quantity of water consumed to maintain your lawn green and vibrant in drought-prone locations. If that isn’t enough to persuade you and your potential purchasers, there are always more financial advantages, such as a significant reduction in your water expenses.

Seeing is believing so here are some of the installations we have worked on over the years. Contact us today to get a consultation and we will deliver turf samples to your doorstep. 

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