SYNLawn SynPro 70 is a best seller: When you see the finished product you can see why!

by | Jan 6, 2022 | SYNLawn

Paradise Greens Top Priority is Quality

As artificial grass continues to grow in popularity, we are always working to provide the best quality turf in the market. It’s for this reason that our SYNLawn’s SYPro 70 continues to emerge as our best seller.

USA Made

This turf variety is made in the USA and it contains Biocel backing that is purchased from soybean growers here in the US. With our products being made in the USA, this eliminates shortages and waiting for products for months on end. The soy ensures that the grass is greener and more stunning. SYNLawn’s SYPro 70 also has HeatBlock technology that helps lower rising temperatures by reflecting light. This reduces heat build-up and thermal emissivity. A win-win for our customers.

Great Quality Artificial Turf

Another reason why this is a best seller is because of the great unmatched quality of the product. This turf is perfect for lawns and landscapes that need a fresh green look that will have your neighbors envious. Here is one of our installations in Meza, Arizona. Working with us means you get the best product and experts in the market to turn your visions into reality.

SYNLawn SynPro 70 is sustainable

It’s also important to mention that our SYNPro line is a USDA certified Biobased artificial grass system. This means that our turf is sustainable and eco-friendly with more than 70% renewable content. Artificial turf helps you reduce green waste that tends to overcrowd local landfills. If you are looking to move more sustainably, this is the right choice for you.

Make your space look luxurious

SYNLawn SYNPro 70 gives your lawn or landscape a luxurious look at a great price. Think of it as the best value at the best price. If you are trying to imagine what your front yard would look like with this type of grass, here is an installation we did for one of our clients in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Stunning, right?

Now imagine pairing our best selling product with a company that has been offering great quality services for over seventeen years! Paradise Greens has been equipped with dedicated designers that are ready to make your lawn or landscape look stunning at a budget-friendly value. Give us a call and we will bring our turf samples directly to you.

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