Arizona has a dry climate where only a few plant species thrive. As a result, maintaining a lush green lawn is expensive in Phoenix, Arizona. Apart from jacking up the water bills, it also results in wastage of precious drinking water. In such a situation, artificial turf serves as the perfect alternative that can provide an instant and long-term increase in the property value. 

When you install artificial grass, your property will be viewed by the buyers as environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and above all pleasing to the eyes. All of this will raise the property value, particularly in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Here are some of the reasons installing synthetic grass in the front or the backyard of a home in Arizona is a smart decision for increasing the property value. 

1. Little Effort to Maintain the Lawn

Synthetic grass provides all the visual benefits of the natural grass with the added advantage that little maintenance and care is required. There is no need to water the lawn. This helps with the water issue that has gripped some cities in the state. Also, the artificial turf doesn’t require weeding, mowing, fertilizing, and reseeding. It remains pristine and beautiful without much input from the household members. For senior individuals or a family whose members don’t have the time to maintain a natural lawn, artificial grass will appeal the most. It will certainly be the deciding factor in purchasing the home. 

2. Improved Curb Appeal 

Another reason installing the artificial grass will raise the home property value in Arizona is that it greatly improves the curb appeal. A lush green lawn is a big selling point for a house. Interest can dwindle in case the house is not visually appealing. When you install synthetic grass, you won’t have to invest a large sum to improve or maintain the curb appeal of the house. In this way, you will be able to get top dollars for your property. 

3. Improved Safety 

Artificial grass doesn’t harbor harmful pathogens that serve as a great health hazard particularly to kids and senior individuals. They are more likely to fall and develop a cut through which harmful pests found in mud puddles and bare patches of natural grass can enter the body.

4. Environmental Benefits

Artificial turf doesn’t require the application of fertilizers and insecticides. These substances seep through the ground with water polluting the groundwater beneath. Also, artificial grass helps conserve precious water resources. An environmentally friendly house in Arizona has greater chances of getting sold quickly and at a premium price as well. 

5. Long Term Solution

Installing artificial grass is the perfect long term solution for keeping your yard green in a desert climate. The grass can last for decades without requiring a replacement. With very little maintenance and care, the synthetic grass will look lush and plush for a long time.  And guess who will be certainly impressed by this? Yes, you’ve guessed it right, the prospective buyer. 

The bottom-line is that installing artificial grass can significantly improve the property value in Arizona.  The landscape of a house is its main selling point. You will increase the likelihood of selling your house faster and at a premium price by installing the synthetic grass. The grass will remain lush green all year round that will greatly maximize the appeal of the house in Phoenix, Arizona.