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by | Aug 12, 2018 | Maintenance Tips

Front Yard Synthetic Lawn in Phoenix, AZ

Artificial turf is wonderful for many reasons! It stays green year round, requires no watering and also requires little to no maintenance. Here are a few tips to keep your artificial lawn looking its very best!

Rinsing Your Artificial Lawn Every Once In a While Is Not Necessary But Could Be a Good Idea

Some customer’s think you need to water your artificial lawn to keep it clean. You do not need to water your artificial lawn as dust and small dirt particles will be ok and blend into your grass.

Although, rinsing off is sometimes something you might want to do just to keep it extra clean in extra messy scenarios – say if you happen to drop ice cream on it or spill mustard. Just the same as caring for your floors indoors, you will want to just maintain the cleanliness of your artificial lawn to keep from spills tracking in or simply degrading the overall look of your lawn.

Another reason why customers think they need to water their artificial lawn is to keep it cool. It is not necessary to water your artificial lawn often with Paradise Greens artificial grass. Our artificial turf has cooling technology built into the blade. This leading technology exclusive to our artificial turf product and keeps the artificial grass blade from getting too hot in the Arizona heat. Read more about it here.

Brushing or Brooming Every Once In a Blue Moon is a Good Idea.

Brushing your lawn is not necessary as a regular maintenance with Paradise Greens artificial turf. This is because our artificial turf is built to stand up through time. Depending on the turf you choose it is sturdy enough to endure high traffic. Your grass will stay up nicely even with regular foot traffic especially with our more durable turf. If foot traffic is unbearably heavy one day, you may want to brush it then. Or say you had a lawn chair in one spot on the lawn that you decided to move, you may want to give it a quick brush then too.

If you are a Paradise Green’s customer we will brush the lawn for you so feel free to call us for a service if you think you need it. If you do happen to feel the need to brush your lawn, there are some affordable tools in order to brush or broom your lawn yourself.  Brushing is also simple and easy to do and takes a little effort. After you brush it, your lawn should stand right back up.  If you feel this type of maintenance is necessary for your Paradise Greens lawn and you are un capable yourself, do not hesitate to schedule your artificial lawn maintenance with us. We will be happy to take care of you.

Whizzi wash for pets. 

Our artificial turf is built in with an infill that has odor neutralizing properties. The product we use is a leading product with an 80 percent absorption rate. Your common nose would not sense a thing if you were to do nothing. Although, for your extra sensitive, or cat and dog lovers with a few more to love – wizzi wash is a great buy. The product is in a canister that will easily connect to your hose. when you spray down your lawn with the hose, whizzi wash will be part of the stream and wash away any pet urine while also neutralizing the smell. This is a great tool that we recommend to fight off any urine build up due to having many pets or your extra sensitive noses.

All in all, as you can see this maintenance is little to none and sure beats pulling out the lawn mower every week. Also, your neighbors will appreciate the lack of noise from your early morning mowing. Although, those same neighbors will also be jealous of how green your lawn is 😉 If that’s the case make sure to mention Paradise Greens sent you. We offer a $100 referral credit for any of your friends who installs with us!




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