Usually, customers come to us with an idea. Maybe they want a spacious backyard with curves or hard edges. Perhaps there is a pool area that needs attention or they want a safe place for kids and pets to roam. However, sometimes they come to us with problems. And when they do, a custom synthetic putting green is the only solution. Besides, there are so many advantages. Such was the case with this customer.

Why Arizona Creates Grass Problems

Seems like they had sod installed once before and it did not go as planned. Don’t misunderstand though, the sod was installed correctly. However, it just would not take to the space. Arizona heat can be tough. In fact,Arizona is one of the hardest places in the US to grow vegetation.

Try to grow a lush lawn in the deep South and you have a myriad of grass options. And with the rainfall you can grow grass as thick as carpet! Yet, in Arizona, you might have only two or three choices depending on which part of the state you live in. So, all of that to say, when this customer reached out to us they wanted to go a different direction. In other words, they were done with sod!

Custom Synthetic Putting Green to the Rescue

So what did we do? Well, we surveyed the space and pitched the idea of a custom putting green. We are known for our handiwork in this area and the customer decided they wanted one as well. Furthermore, custom synthetic putting greens offer many advantages to Scottsdale residents looking to improve their game off the course. Because, let’s be honest, when you are on the driving range you want to drive the ball. You rarely spend time on the green. Therefore, installing a custom putting green at home allows you to practice your short game whenever you like. And, that’s just what this customer decided to do.

So, our installers went to work. First, they removed the old sod, prepped the base and installed the infill. After that they went to work constructing the putting green. Of course, the design for this custom synthetic putting green was dreamed up by the customer. Hence, it features a curvy, somewhat oval-shaped design complete with 3 cups. Of course, we set the break and stimp to their specifications. Now they have a custom synthetic putting green to enjoy year-round.

In addition, we added some humor too. If you look close you can see the little carts sign stuck in the ground off to the side.Of course, we wouldn’t recommend parking real carts there. Yet somehow we don’t feel this will be a problem.

Benefits of a Custom Artificial Grass Putting Green

Now keep in mind, this putting green is different than traditional putting greens because it is made with artificial grass. Therefore, our customer’s custom synthetic putting green requires very little maintenance. For instance, no lawnmowers are necessary. Since the grass is fake, it never needs to be cut!

So think of how much money you save by not having to keep a putting green manicured! Also, if the rest of your yard is artificial, you can get rid of lawn equipment altogether. So you may have a lot of extra space to fill in your garage or shed. These are problems we don’t mind. As people, we can always use more space!

In addition, this custom synthetic putting green requires no fertilizers or pesticides. Hence, no harmful chemicals end up in our state water supply. Arizona is constantly watching and monitoring water conditions. Because, of course, in a desert state water conservation is a huge deal. And we are proud as a company to say we directly impact the issue with every custom synthetic putting green we install.

By the way, did we just mention water conservation? Since artificial grass requires no water, every install saves precious drops. In fact, installing artificial grass is one of the best ways to make an impact on this issue. Furthermore, it is the ultimate eco-conscious choice. Every install eliminates chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, each custom synthetic putting green diminishes greenhouse gases and pollution.

Seems like our customer got so much more than just an amazing custom synthetic putting green. As well, they now have an eco-friendly, money saving permanent green space. It just happens to be right in their own backyard. What great news for a space that was once so unusable!

Now About That Golf Game

Also, this is good news for our customer in regards to practicing their golf game. Nobody wants to interrupt weekly practice times with pesky lawn maintenance. So, if you’ve considered artificial grass in the past but were unsure, contact Paradise Greens today. We have staff ready to answer any question you may have. in addition, we will work to transform your lawn into the green space you have dreamed of.

In fact, maybe you want more than a lawn. Maybe you want a custom putting green like this customer. Perhaps you want a nice play area for your kids or pets. Yet, you might even want a poolside area so grass clippings, dirt and debris don’t enter your pool every time someone jumps in. Finally, you might even want your patio covered with artificial grass, or a condo balcony.

Whatever the case, Paradise Greens installs artificial grass for a variety of applications. You can find us on athletic fields, home batting cages and even bocce ball courts. There is no limit to the creativity of incorporating artificial grass into your design scheme. So we encourage you to contact us today and start a conversation. We have been serving the area for more than a decade and are ready to put our skills to work for you!