So we did an install this month that topped 3,500 square feet. In fact, it was just over 3,585 square feet to be exact. Seems like artificial grass makes backyards fun again! The final project involved very square cut edges. This was done per the homeowners request to reflect their overall plan. They used artificial grass as a solution! In total, we installed a splash pad, stepping stones and a putting green! The owners installed a playground for their kids to complete the look. Now they can enjoy the pool in their backyard while the kids romp and play.

And after a dip they can polish up their golf game on the practice green we installed! This yard is loads of fun! Let’s spend a few minutes and look at what was involved with the project. It was no small feat!

How Artificial Grass Makes Backyards Fun

So the first step involved removing the dirt and existing grass. After this, a load of of base dirt was hauled in for grading. You can see the crew in the picture prepping the base. The biggest part of the job was grading the yard for runoff and drainage. in addition, putting green speed was part of the base grade equation as well. Good thing we have an experienced crew. Because of this, the install was no problem.

True, cutting in around stepping stones is tedious and time consuming. Furthermore, proper install is paramount in order for the finished product to turn out right. Seems like our crew knew what they were doing. A lesser crew may have seaming or stepping stone placement issues if the grass is improperly cut beforehand. Yet, our crew was able to make their backyard dream even better!

A Splash Pad and Putting Green Make it Even Better!

So as part of this 3,500 + square foot install, the customer wanted a splash pad. It gets hot in Arizona, so a splash pad makes sense. And yes, they already had a pool, but sometimes you just want to get wet without jumping in the pool. Of course, if we had it our way, we would get wet and THEN jump in the pool. Either way, the splash pad was a win.

In addition, the customer wanted a custom putting green. We said yes to their request since we know a few things about putting greens. However, most of our customers opt for a more organic shape when designing their putting green. Not this client though.

Instead, they wanted both the putting green and splash pad to be squared off. This was part of their design scheme so we honored their request. And if you look at the yard, it call comes together. The stepping stones echo the square lines of the splash pad and putting green. Those lines further echo the stark perpendicular angles of the fence. Even the artificial grass spaces between the stepping stones are square! This geometric yard simply looks amazing! And with the addition of a mini playground fort, we have proof artificial grass makes backyards fun!

However, we would be remiss if we did not mention the benefits artificial grass gives our homeowners. Take a look and we think you will agree. You may even want your own amazing piece of paradise! If so we can help! Now about those benefits…

Benefits of Artificial Grass for this Project

So how does our homeowner benefit from artificial grass? Honestly, there are several ways.

No Grass Tracks!

For starters, no grass tracks inside the house. Around pool areas this can be especially challenging. Grass loves to stick to wet feet like magnets! yet, artificial grass does not stick! And think about when it rains! Natural grass would be a nightmare to contend with. Yet again, artificial grass does not track inside.

Next up, the putting green. Again, no dirt or debris from the green tracks inside. Our client can practice their short game all they want with no fear of tracking dirt or grass inside. Double the putting green and pool sentiment for the splash pad! Imagine all of those little kid feet stomping around outside… then running inside! Natural grass would be a problem, but not this lawn! Artificial grass makes backyard fun and cleaner!

No Lawn Equipment!

Of course, there are the usual benefits we need to mention as well. Right off the top of our head we can tell you our client will not be using a lawnmower or weed eater ever again. Our suggestion? Sell them on eBay and use the cash to throw a backyard BBQ bash. Steak and ribs never tasted so good as they do when claimed from the spoils of cashed in lawn equipment!

No Harmful Chemicals!

Other benefits? Well, how about no harmful fertilizers or pesticides finding their way to our water sources. And speaking of pesticides, a pest free yard is something to crow about don’t you think? Summer bugs can be annoying, especially when a pool and splash pad are part of the equation. However, with artificial grass, pests have no environment in which to thrive. therefore, they go away! See, artificial grass makes backyards fun by getting rid of pests too! Of course, this means less pests to worry about during the BBQ you will put on with the money received from selling your olds lawn equipment.

Did we mention artificial grass makes backyards fun?

Get Your Own Fun Backyard

So if all this talk of fun backyards has you dreaming of your own… contact us. We create amazing spaces with artificial grass. We have been for almost a decade and have the portfolio to prove it. So we invite you. Let us show you how artificial grass makes backyards fun. From specific requests like our client here, to more normal putting green installs, we do it right. Let’s have a conversation. We would love to welcome you to the Paradise Greens family!