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by | Aug 10, 2013 | Testimonials

We think our custom artificial grass installs are the best in the business. But don’t take our word for hear just listen to our customers! Then keep reading to see what makes Paradise Greens so special! Our customers love us!

Custom Artificial Grass Installs Make Us Different

At Paradise Greens, it all begins with service. From the time our phone rings to the last piece of grass, our work ethic is in motion. We feature some of the best products the industry has to offer. Our grass includes technologies to keep it cool and fade resistant. The scorching Arizona heat can wreak havoc on lawns, even artificial grass lawns. Therefore, we pride ourselves in using artificial grass that can withstand desert climates.

Plus, our artificial grass looks realistic. In fact, many people have trouble telling the difference between our grass and natural grass. The reason? Our artificial grass uses varied blade length and thickness. Also, there are brown fibers woven in to re-creates thatch you find in natural lawns. In addition, different fiber colors create the type of green space your eyes are accustomed to seeing in a natural lawn.

Finally, we have different products for different uses. Our inventory and product line feature the best made in America artificial grass products. For instance, if you need an install for a high-traffic area, we have a product for that. Yet, if you need something lightweight for an area with less traffic, we can supply that too.

For Quality and Durability, Choose Paradise Greens

Our custom artificial grass installs are customizable. That makes us different. We are not an online artificial grass supplier. Those are frustrating. You have to figure it out yourself and can only choose one or two products. On the contrary, we carry inventory and consistently rank as the best artificial grass company in Arizona. We have numerous other service awards under our belt as well.

So if you are considering artificial grass, don’t hesitate. Contact Paradise Greens. Our custom artificial grass installs are second to none, and will last for years. The best part? No maintenance or watering. This means you get year-round enjoyment with none of the hassle. What could be better than that? Contact us today for more details.


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