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by | Aug 28, 2013 | Testimonials

A custom backyard putting green from Paradise Greens is a great addition to any backyard. They offer many advantages beyond improving your golf game. Yet, don’t take our word for it hear it from our clients too! Then read the rest of the post to see the benefits!

Beyond Golf: Benefits of a Custom Backyard Putting Green

Okay so maybe these benefits tie into golf even though they really have nothing to do with the sport. However, they have everything to do with artificial grass. Consider this when installing a custom backyard putting green. With artificial grass, you can practice no matter the weather. That’s right, after a hard rain, your grass does not puddle or get muddy. This means you can hit the greens quicker than you would with natural grass.

Next, consider the property value aspect. It’s a lot easier to sell a home to a golfer with a putting green in the backyard. In fact, artificial grass increases property value. So, having a custom backyard putting green installed is a great way to not only brush up on your game, but make sure your property stays valuable within market parameters.

Finally, you won’t have to maintain an artificial grass putting green. That’s right, no cutting, weed eating, fertilizing or watering. Also, beyond helping reduce costs and saving you money, it gives you more practice time.

For the Best Putting Greens Contact Paradise Greens

So if now is the right time to install a custom backyard putting green, contact us. We have some of the best artificial grass products in the industry. Furthermore, your green can be fully customized. That’s right, you can set the speed, design, stimp and obstacle layout. For the best putting greens Arizona has to offer, contact Paradise Greens today! Who knows, you could be in our next video!

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