Synthetic Grass Equals No Maintenance

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One of the many values synthetic grass can add to your home is the savings you will get because there is such low maintenance. You no longer have to manage locations that are not active living spaces but still need to be kept up. That saves you on time and money. And who would not enjoy more time? We are already under so much stress and pressure, the last thing we want to do is come home to lawn maintenance. This is why low maintenance synthetic grass is such a great option.

synthetic grass equals no maintenance

low maintenance synthetic grass

Benefits of Low Maintenance Synthetic Grass

There are other benefits too. We already discussed time, but just glossed over money. So how does synthetic grass save you money? There are a few ways actually. For starters, say goodbye to cutting grass. That means no lawnmower necessary. Also, weed eaters are non-essential as well. Both pieces of equipment are expensive too. Beyond the initial purchase, they must be maintained. Plus, there are fuel requirements every time you use either one. All of these costs add up. Yet, with low maintenance synthetic grass, they are nonexistent.

And while these are great money savers, there is one more way artificial grass saves money. It’s perhaps the biggest of all. Somewhere between the 5-6 year mark, your lawn begins to pay you back. And it pays you for the remainder of the warranty, oftentimes longer. The reason? Low maintenance synthetic grass is extremely durable. As a result, it can last well beyond warranty expectations.

When you consider this, it’s like getting money back in your pocket!. It pays you in the long run! This makes it a great property investment. So if you are considering a switch, contact us today. Paradise Greens is one of Arizona’s leading install companies. We handle a variety of artificial grass applications. You can find our installs in back yards, putting greens, pet resorts, play areas and more. Give us a call and let artificial grass put money back in your pocket today!

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