People new to the Phoenix Metroplex may feel like they are on another planet. Seems like the tan landscape is overwhelming, barren and hostile. Especially so when someone is used to lush green grasses and trees across most of the United States. But life is abundant in the desert. Because it’s adapted to its relationship to Arizona without water, it can survive.

However, prominent green lawn features are difficult to maintain in Phoenix. Although golf resorts are popular attractions, they require a lot of maintenance. For instance, irrigation and a team of experts are part of the equation. Yet, they are costly. Plus, reseeding for summer and winter grasses causes newbie desert homeowners to shake their heads. They wonder if a green lawn of their own is possible or worth their time. And then there’s mowing the irrigated lawn in the severe summer heat.

But the idea of kids and pets playing on sandy gravel isn’t appealing either. It’s dirty, dangerous, unattractive and hard. Furthermore, you run a greater risk should kids fall off playground equipment. And cement or stone patios? Well they aren’t much better.

Artificial Grass Greens Arizona Without Water

Many homeowners are turning to artificial grass to solve these problems. It’s no longer just stiff material covering professional sports fields. While still popular for sports, cities use it too. Also, many entertainment venues use it.  And families? Well they do to too. Seems like artificial grass adds comfortable places to play and relax outdoors. No wonder it’s so popular for many applications.

Paradise Greens has a variety of artificial grass products. Besides sports, it is also available in styles for expansive lawns, children’s play areas and pet purposes. Once installed, it requires minimum care. Also, it holds up well under intense desert sun. In Addition, its appearance invites people outside. Consequently, we think combining traditional desert landscaping with artificial grass is pure genius. Besides, it is attractive and comfortable. Hence, perfect for the Phoenix outdoor lifestyle.

Paradise Greens is Your Artificial Grass Source

With artificial grass it’s possible to have a green oasis without the watering. So say goodbye to mowing and trimming. Honestly, those things are over rated in the desert. It’s hot enough here already. And with temps well above one hundred in the summer, you will need a break. All it takes is one call to Paradise Greens. Our installers have experience to do your job right. And our grass products? We have the best!