In order to talk about synthetic putting green benefits you have to talk about the origin of golf. While it is sketchy, it’s the evolution of the game that matters. History suggests that any number of materials were once used for the ball. Hence, we have materials like leather and wood. Also, the goal has always been for it to wind up in a hole in the ground. Yet, how it got there depended on both the era and geography.

Yet, one thing is certain. Those that love the game love it a lot. Though it can be a challenge to get to the golf course when everyday life gets in the way. Fortunately synthetic putting greens offer the perfect solution. When installed as part of a private backyard oasis, there are many synthetic putting green benefits.


Custom designed according to budget and layout, synthetic putting greens can be a simple or elaborate undertaking. Options may include:

  • Sand traps
  • Undulations
  • Chipping areas
  • Water features

State of the art technology has led to a product that is UV resistant, ensuring that it won’t fade or turn brown, providing homeowners with a year round green space that not only looks good, but is incredibly durable.

Synthetic Putting Green Benefits

  • Low maintenance. Yard tools become a thing of the past with synthetic putting greens. The only maintenance required is keeping the surface area free of any refuse that may become permanently lodged within the green. Sweeping or blowing the surface clean several times a year should suffice.
  • Environmentally friendly. Environmental awareness has led many to rethink the way they consume water and energy. A backyard putting green can help in several areas by offering no:
    • Watering.
    • Gas or power consumption used in lawn care or maintenance.
    • Harmful pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals required.
  • Return on investment. Avid golfers, families and those that simply enjoy the outdoors will appreciate this eco-friendly, low maintenance feature when it comes time to sell the home.
  • A better game. Practice makes perfect, and repetition is the key to success in the game of golf. Being able to walk out the back door and have immediate access to a putting green will pay off on the course.

Synthetic putting green benefits provide serious golfers the opportunity for 24/7 access to hone their skills. And they do it from the comfort of their backyard. Also, with so many layout and material options to choose from, the sky’s the limit when it comes to design. Hence, each homeowners have a truly unique space for years to come.

Paradise Greens Can Install Your Custom Putting Green

So if you want your own putting green, no problem. Just give us a call. First, we will hold an initial consult. During this time we will give you samples to touch and feel. Once you determine the design, stimp and number of cups, we get to work. The end result is your dream putting green. Honestly, we don’t know why every golfer wouldn’t want one!