Dogs Love Their Artificial Grass Too

by | May 25, 2013 | Recent News

Our customers and their dogs both love their artificial grass from Paradise Greens. Dogs prefer artificial grass for many reasons. Let’s spend a few minutes discussing them. It won’t take long. And once we are finished, you might want your very own doggy green space. If so, we happen to know a fantastic company.

Why Dogs Prefer Artificial Grass

Owners prefer artificial grass because of the low maintenance aspects. Also, artificial grass is eco-friendly, making it a very environmentally conscious choice. Yards featuring artificial grass are far more than just decorum. They speak to the content and character of Arizona home owners. However, dogs prefer artificial grass for entirely different reasons.

For starters, it’s a pristine green space. And while you might not think that is a consideration, think about your home. How many times do your pets prefer to sit on your most favorite pieces of furniture, rather than their own dog beds. Yeah, the same is true with artificial grass. They will love lounging around.

Also, there are no bugs to contend with. Think about the times your dog trots indoors itching and scratching from fleas, ticks or other pesky bugs.They can be a nightmare to deal with. However, artificial grass does not create an environment for insects to thrive. Therefore, they simply go elsewhere. As a result, your dog enjoys an itch free, bite free backyard.

Finally, consider the fact some dogs are allergic to certain types of natural grasses. Usually, they show up in the most uncomfortable spots like the underbelly, or near the groin. Taking them to the vet time after time can rack up a nice bill. Yet, with artificial grass, allergies are not an issue. Since the grass is synthetic there are no allergens present to create a reaction. Your dog will thank you!

Get Your Doggy Space Today

So what are you waiting for? Call Paradise Greens and let’s get working on your green space. Many homeowners in Glendale, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas are making the switch to artificial grass, albeit slower than expected. Some of them even have dedicated spaces for their dogs to romp and play. It makes sense. So, since we know dogs prefer artificial grass, contact us today and let’s create the ultimate space for your fur baby!


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