The Customer and Their Pet Are Satisified

by | Jun 16, 2013 | Testimonials

In addtiCustomer satisfaction is our number one priority but its nice to see that their fur babies are approve too! This dog just couldn’t stop barking about his new Paradise Greens artificial grass lawn. Yet, our artificial grass satisfies our customer too, which is the most important part. And who could blame her? Artificial grass satisfies customers because it has so many benefits.

Why Artificial Grass Satisfies Customers

There are so many reasons artificial grass satisfies customers. Let’s list the top three for the sake of brevity. The benefits are pretty convincing. After you hear them, contact us to make the switch. We can help!

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass satisfies customers because it is so low maintenance. In fact, customers are often unaware of how little lawn work they will do post install. We tell them no more lawn mowers, weed eaters or edgers. This cuts down on the cost of lawn maintenance. Also, the cost of equipment maintenance is completely disappears from the equation. And noise pollution? Well, consider it a thing of the past.

No Watering

If you want a lower water bill, look no further. Artificial grass satisfies customers by eliminating water usage. in addition artificial grass requires no irrigation or watering. As a result, water bills drop like a hot stone. This is especially true when you consider how much water is used for outdoor purposes. If you haven’t paid attention, do a little research. You will find as much as 36% of Arizona resident’s water bills involve outdoor use. Wow.

Return on Investment

The average artificial grass lawn yields a return on investment within 5-6 years of install. And while no guarantees exist, synthetic grass products can last well beyond their 10-15 year warranty. This is money right back in your pocket. Switching to artificial grass makes sense.

Paradise Greens is Ready, are You?

So it’s no wonder our customer and her dog are over the moon! Artificial grass satisfies customers, and we have only mentioned the top three! When you consider other aspects like durability, over seeding and the environment, switching makes sense. Contact us today. We promise you and your dog will be ecstatic. You might even start barking yourself!

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