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by | Apr 21, 2013 | Before and After Photos

Artificial grass impacts property value on so many levels. This is especially true for outdoor living spaces in the Arizona desert. Here are some  “before and after” photos which prove our point. They give you examples of how an artificial lawn from Paradise Greens adds value to your home. Our last post featured backyard landscaping. This post showcases both a front and backyard!

Before and After Proof: Artificial Grass Impacts Property Value


Maintaining natural lawns is a challenge in the desert. When it comes to curb appeal artificial grass is the perfect solution! Putting a for sale sign in the yard beforehand would probably not go over so well. The lawn was just downright ugly. Look at the grass. It was completely dead. To bring it back will require over seeding and a LOT of water. However, with a fresh Paradise Greens artificial grass install, this yard looks fantastic. Put a for sale sign in the yard now and watch how much interest is generated. This is how artificial grass impacts property value!

artificial grass impacts property value






If you can’t keep a natural grass back yard consider an artificial grass lawn. Our customers sure are glad they did. Now they have a phenomenal space for entertaining. Before, their yard was difficult to maintain. The extreme Arizona heat kept killing the grass. Now, that problem is gone. Look at their yard. Lush, green, inviting, the perfect outdoor stage for entertaining guests!

artificial grass increases backyard value






Let Paradise Greens Help

Our photos don’t lie, artificial grass impacts property value. It is one of the soundest home investments you can make. So if you are considering artificial grass, contact us. A phone call or form submission is all it takes. We will be happy to answer your questions and will work to make sure you are satisfied. Ultimately, our goal is to create the ultimate green space for your property. You can find Paradise Greens at hotels, pet resorts and sports fields, in addition to residential applications. Our installers are some of the most experienced in the area. So contact us and let’s talk about your design!

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