Artificial Grass Installation Experience Matters

by | Apr 14, 2013 | Why Go With Artificial Turf

It could be artificial grass installation experience is more important than artificial grass itself. Why? Because it’s the installation that typically fails, not the grass. Seems like there is a science and art to installing synthetic grass correctly.ANd guess what? Yep, it appears every installation team is different. So how do you tell the good from the bad? Look at their record.

Questions to Ask

1. Check with the Better Business Bureau and see how long they have been a member and how many complaints they have.
2. How many installations do they do in a year?
3. Ask to see past installations and not just the new ones but old ones too.
4. Ask about their crews and ask to see their licenses. Ask about bonding and insurance.
5. Do they have a referral program? How many clients makes referrals and ask to talk to some of them.

Artificial Grass Installation Experience Matters

Paradise Greens is one of the oldest artificial grass installers in Arizona and there is a reason for that. We don’t cut corners in the installation process, we don’t sell product that does not adhere to our standards and most importantly we put our customers and our reputation first.

As it happens, our installation crews are some of the best in the industry. Most important, our crews are legal, have workers comp, proper licensing and insurance for any project. Also, they have done thousands of installations. In addition, Paradise Greens is a member of the AZ Registrar of Contractors. As such, we have the stability and backing of leaders in the artificial grass industry. Consequently, this has allowed us to stay in business long after many of our competitors have come and gone.

So if you want it done right the first time, contact us. Seems like we are the company people call when they experience a bad install. If only they saw our customer reviews first! Yet another reason why artificial grass installation experience matters. Therefore, we would love to help you get your lush lawn right the first time!

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