satisified artificilal grass ownersHere is a quote from a customer after her install. Seems like satisfied artificial grass owners are what we make best!

“We love our Paradise XS! After looking (and feeling) other products, we knew yours was the best. Gorgeous, lovely, can’t wait to show our friends. Your crew did a great job.”



Paradise Greens Makes Satisfied Artificial Grass Owners

Understand, we know customers have options when they choose artificial grass. Honestly, that’s why we work so hard to provide phenomenal customer service. Therefore, We have a three fold customer service ethic we employ to keep each install unique, on track and top quality. here it is in a nutshell.

Product Quality

So as it stands, all of our products are made in the USA. Of course, we feel this is the best way to maintain our standards. Plus, companies who use overseas products take a real gamble. Seems like no guarantee or validation can be made concerning raw materials, other ingredients and product testing. At Paradise Greens, we want to cover Scottsdale with quality USA made synthetic grass. And, we source the best US products to ensure you get the best of the best. This makes satisfied artificial grass owners.


So here is a secret. Seems like most of our installers have been with us from the beginning, Therefore, this means they have served Arizona for almost a decade. Also, many of our installers had previous experience before working with us. As such, there are no curve balls to throw our way. Our team has seen and dealt with it all. It’s why we consistently rank #1 in our industry for artificial grass installation.


Any good project result requires amazing communication. At Paradise Greens, we understand this. It’s why we encourage you to see and feel our samples. In addition, it’s why we spend time talking to you to make sure you understand the benefits of artificial grass. Ultimately, our commitment to you is to do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. Follow through and professionalism are the icing on the cake as they relate to Paradise Greens customer service.

So be another satisfied Paradise Greens customer, like Agnes. Contact us today. We makes satisfied artificial grass owners. And together, we can bring your green space to life!