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by | Nov 15, 2012 | Testimonials

Our latest customers is over the moon for their artificial lawn! And by customers, we mean pets! That’s right, Hazel and Hope are two of the most satisfied bull terriers you have ever seen! And why not? With a brand new Paradise Greens artificial lawn install, these two are right at home!The owner was so satisfied she gave this awesome testimonial:

Thanks a million times to you and to your wonderful crew! For the first time in weeks, Hazel can play safely (no goofy collar and no rock eating). She and Hope are already enjoying a romp in the “grass.”

Joyce Anderson

Why Your Pet Will Love a Paradise Greens Artificial Lawn Install

Looking at Hazel and Hope, it is rather easy to see why your pet will love a paradise Greens artificial lawn install. Dogs need space to roam and frolic. That can be hard to provide in the desert. In Arizona the ground is always hard and unforgiving. That is, unless is rains. Then it is a muddy mess! neither of these scenarios are good for dogs. Hard ground can cause injury to paws. And the heat? Well, the ground can actually burn the pads on your dog’s feet.

And while ointment can help as part of treatment, it can be problematic as well. For instance, your dog may lick the ointment off. In that case treatment does no good. Furthermore, your dog may have digestive problems from ingesting the ointment. Yet, with a Paradise Greens artificial lawn install, your dog will have a safe space to roam and play.

No burned or calloused paws! In addition, we can install an odor barrier to eliminate the smell from pet waste. So not only does your pet have a lush evergreen space to run and play, it will always smell great! So if you would like your own pet space, give us a call! A Paradise Greens artificial lawn install could be just what your pet needs. It is the secret to a perfect backyard! Look at Hazel and Hope. You can’t argue with that kind of satisfaction!


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