More Incentives for Installing Artificial Grass!

by | Oct 23, 2012 | Recent News

Now is the time to save money by not winter seeding and transition to artificial grass! Replacing your costly grass to a beautiful and no maintenance lawn is the future! Save money on H2O water savings each month, landscape service, winter seeding, etc. As water shortages and droughts become a way of life in the southwest, rebates are another incentive to make the transition easier! In short, there are artificial grass incentives!

Artificial Grass Incentives: Evergreen Rewards

These incentives are in place because the Arizona water supply is under constant stress. In desert areas, 80% of residential water consumption is directly attributed to outdoor use. Contact us today to find out if your water agencies and municipalities are providing rebates for replacing natural grass.

And remember, regardless of rebates or tax credits, artificial grass pays you in the long run. Seems like the break line for ROI is between 5-6 years. How many other investments can you think of that provide the same type of return? If you replace your roof you may add value to your home, but you rarely recoup the full cost when you go to sell your home. the same is true with kitchens and bathrooms.

However, artificial grass pays you back once you hit the 5-6 year mark. Also, keep in mind most installs last well beyond their warranty. this means you could enjoy benefits for 15+ years or more. Of course, we can’t make any guarantees, but we have plenty of customer testimonials spanning almost a decade. Our products are the best and our work is solid. therefore, when you choose Paradise Greens, you receive maximum return on investment.

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So don;t hesitate, check to see if your local municipality has rebates or artificial grass incentives if you make the switch. If so, we can help. Also, we can go over the other benefits artificial grass has to offer! At, Paradise Greens, we love artificial grass. Once you have your own lawn, we know you will too!


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