Dogs Love Artificial Grass Too!

by | Dec 22, 2012 | Testimonials

So look at this yard before. Notice how bare, rocky and uninviting it looks. Unfortunately, for Scottsdale, Arizona that’s the norm. If you love brown and rocks, our landscape is heaven for you, However, if you like lush, green environments, you might need our So Real synthetic grass. That was the case for this customer. Seems like brown and rocky were not what they wanted. They wanted something pet friendly. As a result, we were glad to oblige.

real synthetic grass

So Real Synthetic Grass Makes the Difference

Our customer had a surprise present for their pet! We landscaped this area for their dog with our pet friendly Paradise So Real synthetic grass with ZeoFill infill. The dog and homeowner could not be happier with the transition! And, there are so many benefits.

eal synthetic grass


For starters, look at the aesthetics. Our So Real synthetic grass looks amazing! Look at it long enough and you will want to walk on it barefoot! Our owner’s dog certainly prefers it to the former rock strewn mess.


Before, when it rained, the mess was unreal mud and dirt were a constant threat. We all know how muddy paws can wreak havoc inside a clean house. Now, nothing gets inside except a pampered pooch


Since our So Real synthetic grass is, well, artificial, it requires some attention as far as pets are concerned. This install features Zeofill, a phenomnal odor barrier. It actually breaks down pet urine to keep it from stinking up your lawn. All our pet owner must do is remove the solid waste and rinse the affected area with water. Zeofill does the rest.

So Real Synthetic Grass Makes a Difference

So take a look again at the before and after. Then, call us for a transformation of your own. Whether you choose our So Real synthetic grass or another product, you won’t be disappointed. Paradise Greens has the solution, We have been serving Arizona for almost a decade. Call us for help from the best!

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