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by | Sep 15, 2011 | Recent News

Seems like synthetic turf is a perfect alternative to a traditional grass lawn for Arizona homeowners. While yes, it looks and feels like real grass, there’s more to it.  The need for water conservation has never been greater.

According to the Arizona Department of Water Resources, 70% of residential water bills are from lawn watering.  So this could equates to huge (up to 70%) savings by switching to synthetic turf.  Also, with water conservation on everyone’s mind, you can help conserve Arizona’s water supply. In addition, you don’t give up the beauty and functionality of your backyard lawn.

Yet, aside from saving on your water bill, synthetic turf is also hassle free. No more mowing or hiring someone to cut your lawn. In addition, no pesticides or fertilizer. And, best of all, no more brown spots!

Synthetic Turf Evolution

Honestly, synthetic turf has truly evolved from the rough, brittle, plastic, slippery surface of the past.  “Modern synthetic turf is soft and plush. In addition, it is available in many styles and colors. For instance, there are bluer and darker types like Kentucky Bluegrass. Also, there are more lime green West Coast varieties. In fact, we have turf with brown thatch to mimic natural grass”, Chris from Paradise Greens points out. “From tall blades to shorter thatch styles, there is a life-like product to suit every taste.  And, it can be installed around trees, between flagstone steps, and right up to surfaces which cannot be mowed or made wet.”

To see some of Paradise Greens completed jobs call 480-586-0655 to schedule a complimentary estimate with one of our synthetic turf designers. Our designers will bring out to your residence or commercial site samples of our exclusive artificial grass products.  In addition, we will also go through our extensive portfolio book of before and after images.  With our invaluable layout and design experience we look forward to making your project the envy of your neighbors.

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