Artificial Grass vs. Natural Grass in the Sports World

by | Apr 28, 2011 | Recent News

Artificial grass products provide more frequent play, longer play, and the best playing conditions. Natural grass gives up after approximately 300 playing hours per season. However, artificial grass can be played on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Artificial Grass Product and Sports

Artificial grass is resistant when it comes to weather. In wet weather artificial grass products drain up to 42 gallons per hour through their permeable woven backing. In addition, Drought conditions have no effect on the surface quality. However, natural grass can cause puddles, mud or bald patches. With artificial grass your game can always carry on. No more canceling training sessions!

Despite misconceptions, artificial grass products are maintenance-friendly. Therefore, no seeding, mowing, fertilizing, or painting lines ever again. Natural grass takes a lot of work, time and money to maintain. Keeping it green can be a full time job!

When looking for the best quality artificial grass for your sports field, it is vital to collect as much information about the product before your final decision.  All of Paradise Greens products are completely animal safe, UV resistant, and heavy metal free! In addition, they come with an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty! Even better, many installs last well beyond their warranty. This means you get to enjoy your yard much longer!

To see some of Paradise Greens completed jobs call 480-586-0655. You can schedule a complimentary estimate with one of our designers. Our designers will bring samples to your residence or commercial site. In addition, we will go through our extensive portfolio book of before and after images with you.

Honestly, it’s this kind of personal service that sets us apart from other install companies. Seems like we are teaching Arizona a thing or two about customer service! So call us!

With our experience we will make your artificial grass project shine! In fact, it will be the envy of your neighbors! Take heart though. To make their envy subside, just refer them to us! We turn green eyes into green lawns!

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