Honestly, we receive many calls from pet owners. Seems like dogs have completely ruined their yard. Hey, it happens! Dogs will dig! So, in these cases, we recommend an artificial turf pet run. Consequently, brown patches or bare dirt areas caused by an energetic Fido or Fifi are permanently fixed. Yes, it’s virtually impossible to damage an artificial turf pet run. Also, owners love them!

Benefits of an Artificial Turf Pet Run

So let’s talk benefits. First, pet urine or excrement will not discolor your turf. Also, the smell will not linger in your artificial turf pet run. Rain washes all of that away!

However, if you don’t wish to wait for rain, spray it with a garden hose. Instantly, your artificial turf looks brand new! So, what about the “very large present” your dog leaves on the grass?  Well, that is simple. Treat it like normal grass. Pick up the larger pieces and leave the small ones. They will disintegrate and drain through the base. Also, if you do find you have an odor problem, we carry a full line of deodorizers. In fact, we have pellet and spray forms ready to eliminate the problem.

Feedback from pet owners utilizing artificial turf have often commented that their pets appear to take to the turf as if it was real grass. Yet, the one big drawback is your pet may have is that they aren’t able to bury their bones as easily. However, no worries. Seems like they will be too busy enjoying their new pet run!

So why don’t you stop by our show room and let us show you the many different types of turf available that your pets will love.

To learn more about Paradise Greens exclusive line of artificial turf products please visit us online at www.paradisegreens.com or call the office at 480.586.0655 to speak with a sales professional to schedule a complimentary estimate. Honestly, now is the right time to install your artificial turf pet run.

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