In fact, Why Daily Turf Maintenance?

Daily turf maintenance is important to keep your artificial lawn looking pristine and top notch. Look at the list below. Daily maintenance is important because:

  • Longevity
  • Playing Performance
  • Safety
  • Aesthetics

Regular Maintenance

When possible, use a leaf blower to remove small materials from the surface. Also, rakes can be used to remove heavier objects. However do not use a metal rake because it can tear fibers from the base. Instead, use a stiff natural bristle broom to smooth high traffic areas. in fact, we recommend the Home Depot Real Grass Synthetic Grass Turf Rake.

Next up, spills. A shop-vac can be used for those. However, make sure to hold the suction end of the hose off the surface to avoid removing the infill product along with the debris.

Finally, look around edges for weeds. Remove and/ or use pre or post emergent to control growth test small area first to confirm it won’t damage the turf.

If the infill is disturbed after a heavy rain or strong dust storm, let the area dry first. Next, remove surface debris and smooth the area with a broom. This will redistribute the surface infill.

Daily Turf Maintenance Begins with Paradise Greens

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