When it comes to the decision of converting a natural grass lawn over to Artificial Grass a common concern is whether or not Artificial Grass is as environmentally conscientious as using natural grass. Although natural grass is beautiful, it poses many environmental problems than today’s Artificial Grass. Natural grass creates more pollution than one might think. However, artificial grass offers a range of advantages you may be unaware of. Most important are the environmental benefits.

Environmental Benefits and More!

When natural grass is cut an antibiotic gas is releases into the air, which contributes to hydrocarbon pollution. You may think natural grass is organic. We constantly hear the process of photosynthesis is better for the environment than Artificial Grass. However,  homegrown grass is not usually indigenous to most eco-systems. This impacts more than just human’s environment.

Also, Natural grass tends to be full of pesticides and fertilizers. These damage the air and soil composition. Furthermore, they can leach into areas like lakes, streams, and rivers. Yet, Artificial Grass poses none of these adverse effects. Instead, there are environmental benefits.

In addition to air and soil pollution from pesticides, another environmental concern is fossil fuel burning. We need them to cut our lawns. Yet, people often disregard the amount of gas we use to fill mowers, weed-eaters and leaf blowers.

The Benefits are in the Product Itself

Here’s what the President of Paradise Greens had to say about the environmental environments of artificial grass. “Many states throughout the Southwest especially arid landscapes like Arizona and Southern California, where natural resources like water are scarce and expensive, homeowners are becoming more environmentally conscientious resulting in an increased use of artificial grass. With today’s technology in synthetic polyethylene mono-filaments Paradise Green’s exclusive product lines of artificial grass look more natural than ever before, especially our XS (Extra Soft). Paradise Greens makes it our responsibility to work directly with our manufacturers. Furthermore, we insist on using polyethylene for our turf products. This makes them 100% safe. Also, it eliminates harsh chemicals.” Backyards will never be the same again@

Artificial Grass helps the vital cause of water conservation, while retaining the lush, aesthetic beauty of green neighborhoods. Installing Artificial Grass is especially helpful in dry, hot climates. It has been estimated that 75% of residential daily water consumption is attributed to people watering their lawns. Imagine all of the water you could save by using Artificial Grass. After installing Artificial Grass you’ll significantly cut your annual maintenance costs. Then you can sit back and enjoy a beautiful, manicured, green lawn. The best part? You have none of the time, money, or natural resources wasted on maintenance! How about those for environmental benefits?