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by | Sep 28, 2010 | Recent News

How many homeowners have spent countless hours on lawn maintenance? Or experienced Bermuda grass that simply would not take due to shade? Or pet owners whose pets leave unsightly spots all over the yard? Well say good bye to all of that. Because a luxurious artificial lawn by Paradise Greens guarantee a green, maintenance-free home lawn. Plus you get this year round with none of the work.

Natural Lawns Cost Too Much

It has become increasingly difficult and costly to care for a natural lawn in Arizona. Exclude the cost of irrigation and you still have to consider the time and cost of over seeding. Also, Arizona’s climate is not conducive to one particular variety of grass to grow year round. A luxurious artificial lawn is the answer.

Seems like Arizonians are looking for green grass on an annual basis are subjected to the constant balance of maintaining the proper grass for the appropriate time of year. First we Scalp dormant Bermuda during the fall/ winter months. Next. we overseed with Rye grass. After that, we kill off  Rye during the spring transition. And finally, we switch back to Bermuda because it thrives in the summer.

Plus, you have to make sure each grass receives the correct amount of water and nutrients. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the regular maintenance. Seems like a tremendous amount of time, resources, and labor for just a home lawn. Therefore, luxurious artificial lawns make sense.

Why Luxurious Artificial Lawns Make Sense

Home owners going the artificial turf route get a green, beautiful,  maintenance-free luxurious artificial lawn. Furthermore, you can enjoy it year round with zero maintenance. So, whether its a front or back yard, artificial grass is the way to go!

When artificial turf was first introduced to the market, most home owners had misconceptions. They weren’t unfounded either. Luxurious artificial lawns  extremely “plastic” looking turf was similar to first generation products like AstroTurf. The name was christened because of the Houston Astros Astrodome.

Newer Innovations, Icing on the Cake

Yet today innovations see yarns like polyethylene and 3rd generation mono-filament. Hence, it’s difficult to tell natural from luxurious artificial lawns. The products look so realistic. No more “fake” looking synthetic grass. With some of Paradise Greens products especially the Luxe XS, exclusive to Paradise Greens, critics are taking a second look at was once considered to be a cheap, plastic looking product. The reality is luxurious artificial lawns are a reality today.

Once a homeowner has selected the turf that best suits their individual needs and choice of aesthetics the only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy it for years to come. It never gets any better than that. And we know the perfect people to call for help!

Paradise Greens for the Best Artificial Lawn

That’s right. Contact Paradise Greens for all of your artificial grass needs. We have the products and staff to transform your space completely. If you have the dream we can make it happen. Reach out and let’s get started today!

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