Overseeding vs. Artificial Grass

by | Oct 16, 2010 | Recent News

As we begin to experience the drop in temperatures here in Arizona it means one thing, fall is quickly approaching. With the onset of fall comes the task of transitioning your home lawn from the summer Bermuda grass over to Rye grass for the winter time. For many, having green grass year-round in the desert is a continuous process. Bermuda grass grows spring through fall (mid-November) and becomes dormant in the winter until late April, early May transitioning back to Bermuda. It may be time to consider an artificial grass lawn. Here’s why.

Go with an Artificial Grass Lawn

Instead of overseeding, which brings with it the costs for labor, seed, fertilizer, and water consider a beautiful, green year-round, zero maintenance Artificial Grass Lawn. It is estimated that watering 500 square feet of winter grass takes about 10,000 gallons of water each season that number will double if not triple for maintaining turf during the summer months. If you do not have a separate meter for landscape water use, your sewer fees may go up as a result of winter rye grass irrigation.

In Scottsdale, sewer fees are based on water usage during the months of December, January, and February. However, if you for go the overseeding process you are left with a dormant, white colored lawn from November to April. So how do you get continually green grass on an annual basis? Install an Artificial Grass Lawn! With a beautiful new lawn from Paradise Greens you can not only demonstrate a commitment to the environment by reducing runoff from fertilizers and fossil fuel emissions but you can save yourself significant time and money over the 15 year life span of the turf.

Artificial Grass by the Numbers

Charlie Ferer, President & CEO of Paradise Greens commented ”A Synthetic Grass Lawn from Paradise Greens is not only environmentally responsible but can significantly cut costs by eliminating maintenance of a natural lawn enabling homeowners to see a return on their investment in four years.”

The lifespan of an Artificial Grass Lawn installed by Paradise Greens is 15 years, so you will recoup your investment over four times over the lifetime of the turf. In these trying economic times can you really afford not to convert over to Artificial Grass that will not only look great for years to come but also make you money in the process?

500 square feet of grass Cost

Annual mowing (at $50 per month) $600

Annual fertilizing (at $45 twice a year) $90

Annual aeration $60

Annual water cost at 41,000 gallons per year $215 (and rising)

Total grass maintenance cost per year $965

Total grass maintenance cost for 4 years $3,860

500 sq. ft. of synthetic grass turf installed at a price of $6.80 per sq. ft. = $3,400

ROI of artificial grass usually occurs within 4 years. The lifespan of artificial grass is 15 years so you will recoup your investment over four times!

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