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by | Mar 3, 2010 | Recent News

The use of artificial grass, or synthetic turf can be especially beneficial to people in cold and wet environments. They can use synthetic grass indoors or outdoors. The synthetic turf is designed for both wet and dry climates in mind and can be used for multiple sports. Many national stadiums use synthetic grass indoors because they see the value.

Also, what would normally damage a field with natural grass on a rainy day is not the case with synthetic grass indoors. There is no need to cancel your practice due to a muddy field. Teams in the Northern states, where weather is more rainy or snowy than in the South, can practice indoors with synthetic turf surfaces to keep up their training.

Synthetic Grass Indoors and Outdoors

More and more schools are installing artificial turf for their sports fields. One school, in Northampton, NH is installing new synthetic greens for their field hockey team. Although synthetic turf reacts to sports faster and requires different skills to play, most of the students have already played on synthetic green surfaces. The transition to synthetic grass indoors won’t be a difficult one. In addition, they will save 900,000 gallons of water per year.

How is that for a lower water bill? That’s just one of the many benefits whether you use synthetic grass indoors or elsewhere. Also, think of the ways you will benefit the environment. Run off, carbon pollution and pesticides are a thing of the past. Plus, no fertilizers required either! Using synthetic grass indoors or outdoors has so many benefits!

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