Spring is Coming

by | Feb 25, 2010 | Recent News

Spring is coming soon, and with that time of year comes the added maintenance of yards, sports fields, and other outdoor maintenance. Why not give yourself a break and install synthetic greens for your business, household, school sports fields, or golf courses? Paradise Greens is dedicated to the business of giving, helping and rewarding. You will love our landscape designs!

How our Landscape Designs Make an Impact

Paradise Greens gives to the community by rewarding it with beautiful landscape designs that are easy to maintain. The appearance of your new synthetic green installment with Paradise Green will not only give you plenty of time to work on other things to maximize your business or keep your household flowing, it will give you a new outlook on your way of life and how to help give to the environment.

Paradise Greens offers above and beyond service to help our clients. We understand that business is more than just a job, it’s a relationship. If you have any questions along the process, we are here to help. Paradise Greens takes pride in our landscape designs. Synthetic greens is not something most people are familiar with as a viable option. It is a solution to cutting costs. So, we are here to help educate.

At Paradise Greens, we appreciate your business. Each time you refer a new client our way, we will give you a $100 American Express gift card to show you we value your efforts. It’s one of the best ways to go green and make green with our landscape designs!

So if you are considering artificial grass, please reach out! We have the experience and products to make a difference for your yard. And if you want a putting green, play space or dog run, well, we can do that too! All it takes is a few minutes of conversation!

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