California One Step Ahead

by | Mar 12, 2010 | Recent News

California is proving to be a leader and trendsetter in artificial and synthetic turf implementation. On February 10, 2010, the assembly bill 1793 passed which would provide more opportunities for synthetic turf business. With California being the largest US market for synthetic turf, it comes as no surprise, but is an exciting step for the synthetic turf industry.

“This bill would provide that a provision of any of the governing
documents of a common interest development would be void
and unenforceable if it prohibits, or includes conditions that
have the effect of prohibiting, the use of artificial turf or any
other synthetic surface that resembles grass.”

The legislation is a victory for the synthetic turf industry. With the proper installation from reputable synthetic grass companies, such as Paradise Greens, synthetic grass can be an aesthetic landscape with flexibility and ease of care. Switching to synthetic grass lowers pollution by not having to use air pollutant chemicals, reduces water usage, erosion and manages watershed.

In 2009, an estimated 20 million square feet of synthetic grass was installed in the state of California alone. An average of 45 gallons of water per year is used to maintain natural grass in California, with as high as 55 gallons or as low as 35, depending on the climate. Given these figures, the state of California saved 900 million gallons of water, in estimate for last year alone. What is a victory in one state can spread to the rest of the nation, as buzz about synthetic grass from the trendsetting state takes off.

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