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The driving ambition of Paradise Greens and Turf Company is to develop a synthetic turf product that is not only durable and aesthetically pleasing but as environmentally friendly as possible.  This mission begins with a close examination of every component that makes up our artificial turf and the goal of providing the highest quality products.  Today Paradise Greens offers the most environmentally friendly artificial turf available on the market today.

Artificial turf backing is made of a combination of permeable woven and non-woven polypropylene fabrics. The fibers are tufted (stitched) into the backing material in rows according to a specific gauge spacing.  Artificial turf products come in a variety of backings: polyurethane, latex, BioCel, and Duraflo. All of Paradise Greens products offer the BioCel backing technology.  This backing replaces over 90% of the petroleum based polymers used in polyurethane secondary backings with bio-based polymers derived from domestically grown soybeans.  BioCel is consistent with Paradise Greens’ objective to continue to offer cutting edge, eco friendly products.

  • BioCel is made from a renewable resource.  Every yard of BioCel installed contributes to improved air quality through the reduction of CO2.
  • BioCel backing incorporates post-consumer recycled PET plastic from soft drink and water bottles.

Paradise Greens chose to use BioCel technology in their exclusive line of artificial turf products versus Duraflo and other artificial turf backing systems because BioCel resists expansion and contraction of the backing during extreme temperature fluctuations, does not harbor bacteria that can cause odors, and drains at an astounding 42 gallons per hour.  BioCel is a compound developed by using a combination of bio-based polymers and Celceram. Bio-based polymers are manufactured with a portion of the polyoil coming from a soybean plant.  Celceram stabilizes and toughens the polyurethane compound.  BioCel does not impact the performance of the secondary backing, but rather deliver the same level of performance in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Charlie Ferer, President & CEO of Paradise Greens, commented “The BioCel backing is ideal because the soy based product does not promote the growth of bacteria, viruses, etc. in the artificial turf while contributing to LEED points.  More specifically the requirement for rapidly renewable materials under the Materials and Resources Section of the LEED guidelines.  Paradise Greens products are the most “green” products available on the market today without sacrificing aesthetics, durability, and feel.  It gives home owners a sense of pride that they are not only putting in a product that will look great for years to come, but is also eco-friendly in the mean time.”

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