It’s no secret that we love artificial turf. It’s a great way to upgrade curb appeal, add value to your property, and we especially love its low maintenance nature. 

Just like with any investment purchase though, you want to make sure you are doing everything you can so that your artificial grass lasts as long as possible. Here are some of our favorite ways to increase the lifespan of your artificial turf. 

Leaves and Other Debris 

A great way to ensure that your artificial grass lasts as long as possible is to take regular care of it. 

Yes, artificial grass requires very little maintenance in comparison to the real stuff, but there are still some things you should be doing on a regular basis.

Since your lawn will be exposed to the Arizona elements, you are likely to still find leaves and other debris rolling around. Even though artificial turf is tough and won’t take any damage from nature’s decor, we still recommend that you try to clean it up on a regular basis; especially if you have any pets or children. Different kinds of waste and leaves left behind can cause weed growth on the surface of your turf, and we don’t want that! 

This will take very little time and energy to stay on top of. In fact, we’re betting you already have your weapon of choice laying around in your garage. Feel free to grab a broom, rake, or a powerful leaf blower to get the job done. 

Hose it down

Paradise Greens has your pet’s and family’s safety as our top priority which is why we make our artificial grass from antimicrobial material. Our Synlawn technology helps to eliminate odors and provide protection against molds, fungal growth, and other microbes that could cause harm.

Realistically though, your turf is still your dog’s favorite bathroom and other critters are sure to be tempted to soil it as well.​​ Which is why it’s a good idea to give your lase a good rinse every now and then. 

Most of the time, mother nature does a pretty good job of rinsing off our artificial grass. However, it’s not everyday that Arizona gets rain so you need to take matters into your own hands. 

Break out the brush

Have you ever noticed how carpet can look amazing in some untouched areas but in high traffic areas it looks like it’s seen better days? Well, artificial grass is no different. 

From kids running around to fido’s favorite spot to sunbathe, you might notice some heavy traffic areas looking a little more worn down and matted than the other untouched corners of your lawn. 

Don’t fret though, this is completely normal and easy to fix. Just break out your handy brush specifically made for synthetic grass and start using it against the direction that your grass is leaning. This will lift and give the fibers in your synthetic lawn new life. 

It’s a great idea to brush through your synthetic grass often to prevent matting, especially if your lawn gets heavy use. 

Treat any stains right away 

Since we enjoy much time in our yards, it’s bound to fall victim to a couple spills here and there. Whether you’re dealing with wine, paint, ketchup, coffee, or even ice cream; treating it right away is your best course of action. 

We recommend that you blot any excess liquids away with a towel first before your stain is given a chance to dry. If you acted quickly, then this should remove the worst of the stain. If a stain is still left behind, just add a bit of dish soap to luke warm water and gentry scrub with a synthetic bristle brush, sponge, or washcloth. 

If the stain has hardened before you get a chance to soak it up, use a plastic knife or spatula (never metal) and carefully try to remove as much of it as you can. For any stubborn stains or remaining particles, take a toothbrush and try to gently brush them away. 

Ensure Proper Installation

Of course, it goes without saying that the best way to ensure your turf will last as long as possible is to make sure it gets installed correctly. However, this is our job so you leave that to us. 

Just make sure that you implement these strategies and you are sure to enjoy your artificial lawn for many years to come.