Artificial Turf and Dogs: 101

by | May 12, 2022 | Artificial Turf for Pets

On those hot Arizona days when mowing the lawn is the last thing you want to do, Artificial grass seems like a dream. The upkeep is next to nothing, there’s no hefty water bill from sprinkler systems, and your lawn will always look fantastic. While the benefits seem to outweigh the cons of artificial grass, will it work for dog owners? 

Truth be told, artificial grass is becoming quite popular among dog owners. Even dog parks and daycare centers are choosing artificial grass over a traditional lawn. Fake grass is much more durable for your dog rather than the real stuff (and they can’t dig through it!), and it tends to be safer as well. Artificial grass is also a great way to prevent your dog from coming in contact with harmful lawn chemicals. 

Not only is artificial grass a safe place for your dog to roll around and play on, but they can poop and pee on it without any worry. Just like on a real lawn, you’ll need your pooper scooper handy and want to spray away the remains, but you would have to do the same with a traditional lawn anyways. The artificial turf will not lose its coloration due to your dog’s bathroom habits, which is a win compared to seeing the dead grass areas from fido’s go-to spot.  

Because the blades of artificial grass don’t allow fleas and ticks to wander through them, your dog will stand a better chance of not coming in contact with the parasites. While it’s not a 100% guarantee that your dog will never get a tick after installing artificial turf, you significantly reduce their risk. 

Artificial turf is long-lasting and can withstand your dog running around on it for many years to come. To maintain your artificial turf for your dog, we recommend hosing it down at least once a week to keep it free of any odor or bad smells. 


After years of paying huge water bills and spending time maintaining our grass, we started looking for alternatives to maintaining our backyard. We wanted something that was going to be appealing, be able to withstand kids and dogs, and maybe even include a putting green. We got quotes from three different artificial turf companies and while prices were comparable, Paradise Greens had the best design and problem solving for what we were looking for. 

Paradise Greens made the process extremely easy and we love the finished product! We have two big golden retrievers that use the turf and it has been practically indestructible. Our dogs specifically have had allergies to grass and trees in the past, so we love that we no longer have to worry about that with artificial turf. It feels great on our feet, it always looks great, and we couldn’t be happier. We love it and definitely recommend Paradise Greens to our friends and family. 

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