It gets hot in Arizona! During the summer months, you want your yard to stay as cool as possible. Here at Paradise Greens, we offer artificial grass options to beat the summer heat, including SYNLawn with Heatblock technology. Paradise Greens is Arizona’s exclusive dealer and installer of the SYNLawn artificial grass product line, which means Arizonans can only find this new Heatblock technology here at Paradise Greens. Heatblock is a new technology from SYNLawn that incorporates infrared reflective pigments into the grass fibers that reflect the thermal energy (heat) from the sun’s rays.  In the same way that a black car will be hotter on a sunny day than a white car, some synthetic turf holds in more energy than others. By using pigments that reflect more infrared light, these blades of grass stay cooler under the mid-day sun. That keeps SYNLawn grass cooler than other artificial grasses that absorb heat and hold it in.

How much cooler? SYNLawn with Heatblock stays up to 20% cooler than other artificial turf. See for yourself:

Using infrared cameras, we can see the difference between SYNLawn with Heatblock and a competitor’s artificial grass. Notice that our competitor’s grass is red, indicating that it’s absorbed heat from infrared waves and is slowly releasing that heat, while SYNLawn with Heatblock is a nice cool green. This is cooling technology at its finest. That’s why we recommend SYNLawn with Heatblock. As the exclusive distributor of SYNLawn for Arizona, we’re confident that we can provide the best artificial grass to meet the needs of our customers here in the greater Phoenix metro and beyond.

Infrared light (heat) can’t be seen by the human eye, so there’s no need to worry about reflections or glare. In fact, the finish added to each grass fiber using Heatblock ensures that each fiber has less “shimmer,” and is softer to the touch and less abrasive than other synthetic grasses. It’s not just cooler, it’s an even-more realistic look and feel for a brand that’s already been described as the most realistic-looking artificial grass on the market. 

Paradise Greens is your exclusive Arizona distributor for SYNLawn with Heatblock – so if you’re wanting the coolest grass available today, give us a call at 480-586-0655.

Paradise Greens offers only USA manufactured products and has had an A rating with the Better Business Bureau for the last sixteen years.  Paradise Greens is also licensed, bonded, and insured for both commercial and residential applications. Paradise Greens is located at 8321 E Gelding Drive, Suite 100, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260. 

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