Durability: Choosing the Right Grass for Commercial Applications

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Artificial Turf for Commercial

Artificial Grass for Commercial Applications

Commercial applications of artificial grass can be a huge money-saver. If you let your lawn maintenance lapse on a residential home, you’ll end up with yellow grass or dirt patches, but it’s your lawn after all. The local HOA may get on your case, but it doesn’t have a huge impact on your day-to-day life. That’s not the case with businesses, who need to keep up both their image and their functional green space. A yellow or patchy green space not only looks sad, it can lower morale and give the whole place a run-down vibe – not great for employees or customers. And that’s only if your grass is entirely for looks. For sports and athletics, schools, and dog kennels having a run-down field can be a huge problem.

 Whether you’re an office park, doggie daycare, or athletic facility, businesses need to keep your green spaces in tip-top shape. That’s where artificial grass really shines. Artificial grass doesn’t require mowing, fertilization, over-seeding, or irrigation. Not only can businesses improve their workplace for employees and customers, but they also save money on maintenance. We’ve done installations for playgrounds, kennels, apartment complexes, schools, churches, and country clubs. The benefits are obvious.

Choosing the Right Grass for the Job

Some businesses have different needs than others, and that’s why we have a wide variety of grass and surfacing products to meet the needs of Arizona businesses. Whether it’s a softer play surface for play areas or a more durable grass for high foot traffic areas, we have a solution. The important thing is to select the right product for the needs of the business.

Recently, we installed grass for F45 in Peoria. They needed an artificial grass for their functional fitness facility that would allow intense outdoor workouts – a high foot traffic area if there ever was one. For that we turned to SYNLawn’s SynRye 250.

F45 Installation of SynRye250

There are a couple of considerations that led us to SYNLawn and SYNRye in particular for this customer. One of the key things about SYNRye is that it’s made of nylon. We’ve already talked about the difference between nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene grasses in a previous article, but nylon grasses are the most durable material for artificial grass. That’s necessary for an area that will be used for intense workouts. Nylon also has the highest heat resistance, perfect for an area that would be under hot sun. And because of how resilient nylon is, you can use SYNRye without infill, which is ideal if you’re going to have a lot of sweaty people rolling around in the grass. In the end it was the perfect choice for this client – durable, heat-resistant, and as low maintenance as they come. 

While it wasn’t a specific consideration for this client, most of SYNLawn’s artificial grasses, including SynRye Premium 200 and SynRye 250 also pass ATSM E 108 Class A Fire Rating for fire safety. That’s a big concern for some clients like schools and office buildings. 

Each application requires different considerations. There’s no need to spend hours searching online for the best artificial grass. Just talk to an expert artificial grass installer in your area and get their professional opinion. And remember, Paradise Greens is Arizona’s only distributor of SYNLawn artificial grass – you won’t find it anywhere else.

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