At Paradise Greens, we’re proud to provide SYNLawn products, especially when it comes to project like local playgrounds. Although we provide a variety of safety-oriented products for kids and playgrounds, including poured-in-place solutions, court surfaces, and IPEMA-certified play pads, SYNLawn’s products really do go above and beyond when it comes to testing and safety. 

SYNLawn’s playground-focused products are IPEMA-certified for a number of uses, including ASTM F1951 ADA Accessibility – meaning that wheelchair users can navigate across them safely without getting stuck. That’s why entire school districts often request SYNLawn products. They’re installed fastener-free and include extra anti-microbial, anti-glare, and anti-static features that don’t wear out with age. Plus, they can last well over 15 years, even in high-traffic areas like school playgrounds.

If you’re interested in using top-quality SYNLawn products for your play areas, give us a call!