Is artificial grass expensive?

Artificial grass requires a fairly large upfront investment. However, depending on where you live, how much you water your grass, and the amount of time and money you spend on upkeep, artificial grass will pay for itself within 5-10 years. Artificial grass lasts between 15-20 years, so ultimately it’s actually a cost-saver.

Can dogs pee on artificial grass?

Yes, they can. Artificial grass has a porous backing that lets liquid drain through. Additionally, we recommend infill like ZeoFill (volcanic sand) that traps odors inside. You should be able to maintain artificial grass odor-free with just a quick rinse every now and then for lingering odors.

Can dogs poop on artificial grass?

Yes, they can. You’ll need to break out the pooper scooper just like you would on a real lawn, and use a hose to rinse any remaining particles. It should just take a quick rinse. Artificial grass will not lose its coloration due to poop or pee from your pets – it’s not a coating, the color is part of its molecular structure. We do offer SynLawn grasses with anti-microbial silver if you have concerns about kids, germs, and pets. If you have particularly stinky pets, a system like Wysi-Wash may be a good investment.

Can I grill or barbecue on artificial grass?

If you have a gas grill, this can be possible, but charcoal isn’t a good idea. We recommend making sure you have a patio space away from your artificial grass if you do a lot of outdoor cooking. While artificial grass is fire-resistant, the intense heat from a grill (and the potential for dropped coals and tray embers) are hot enough to melt grass if placed too close to the grass surface.

Will artificial grass melt?

It shouldn’t! Unless you put a grill on top of your artificial grass (big no-no), the sun will not cause your grass to melt. There have been reports of the sun bouncing off windows and melting grass that way – however proper installation will ensure this isn’t an issue. All of the grasses we sell are built to withstand the Arizona summer for many, many years.


Can I install artificial grass on a deck or rooftop?

Yes, you can – provided you have the proper drainage. 


Can I vacuum artificial grass?

Please don’t! Artificial grass is covered with infill. This infill helps keep the blades of the grass standing up and looking good, as well as provide some UV protection for the turf backing (the part underneath the blades). If you vacuum artificial grass, you will be removing this infill and will need to replace it.

Does artificial grass get hot?

Artificial grass gets hotter than real grass when in the sun, however newer artificial grasses are as cool as they have ever been, and you and your pets should be able to play on artificial grass year-round. We sell artificial grass specifically designed for the Arizona summer sun, so you can be sure you’re not getting a low-quality grass when you buy from Paradise Greens.