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You may have seen vertical gardens (also known as “green walls” ) in upscale bars, beer gardens, rooftop terraces or office spaces. These colorful, organic textures add a colorful accent to any space – but they require a lot of maintenance, including consistent light, water and nutrients. Not every space is equipped to handle this kind of feature and they can be expensive to install and maintain.

That’s where artificial green walls come in. SYNLawn has created ultra-realistic plant designs for use to create green space where it wasn’t previously an option. Using vertical paneling, these UV-stable foliage options provide the relaxing atmosphere of real plants without the hassle. These artificial plants so closely mimic the color, shading, dimensions and movement of real plants, most people won’t be able to tell the difference without walking up to touch them.

An artificial green wall or vertical garden adds life and a wonderful natural aesthetic to condominiums, wedding venues, spas, welcome desks, offices and meeting rooms, and businesses of all kinds. These green walls have become popular for a good reason – they really brighten up any space.

The artificial type of green walls can be installed indoors or outdoors. They’re completely customizable, and built of seamless individual panels that can be reconfigured if needed, for a quick installation process that won’t require a large indoor construction site. Because there’s no need for water and soil, these vertical gardens are extremely lightweight and can be installed almost anywhere.

Paradise Greens is now providing modular, configurable synthetic vertical gardens from Calico Greens for installation anywhere in your home or business. These green walls provide real wow factor, especially for indoor spaces, and offer a relaxing, lower-stress atmosphere. It’s amazing what an artificial green wall can bring to a space. Now you can add an indoor or outdoor vertical garden wherever you can imagine.

There are six types of panels available: Del Mar, Santa Barbara, Sierra, Sonoma, Monterey and Napa. Each product is UV-protected, fire-rated, and has a three-year warranty. These lightweight panels allow for better airflow and are completely maintenance-free. Come into our showroom to see for yourself.

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