6 Creative Landscaping Ideas Using Artificial Grass

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Artificial Turf Backyards, Artificial Turf for Kids, Other

Anything you can do with traditional landscaping, you can do with artificial grass – and then some. If you’re thinking about artificial grass for your home, then this is a great time to start thinking about landscape design. Just like with laying sod, any time you install artificial grass is an ideal time to upgrade your aesthetic and re-think your front and backyard space. Here are six ideas to get you started.


1. Pavers

A longtime favorite of landscape designers, pavers are a classic way to break up your outdoor landscape and add usable space. Many of our clients love to use a combination of pavers and artificial grass. When working with artificial grass, pavers become an aesthetic choice, since you won’t have to worry about muddy feet. Or they can be used around firepits or areas where you wouldn’t want artificial grass.


Selecting the right artificial grass and paver combination, you can achieve a gorgeous sunken look.


2. Play Areas

Play areas are one of the best uses of artificial grass, especially if you have children. Many clients with children have a play area they want to give special attention to – sometimes in combination with other play surfaces. We have a wide variety of play surfaces, including padded grass surfaces, modular court surfaces, and poured surfaces – your imagination is the only limit when it comes to designing a play area for your kids. With new Super Yarn from SYNLawn, artificial grass is also one of the most sanitary options available for kids. 


A variety of play surfaces are available in combination with padding and artificial grass


3. Poolside

If you have a pool, artificial grass is a no-brainer. Not only is it a great aesthetic choice, but it’s incredibly practical. No slips, bald patches, or muddy areas. It’s also easy to clean, should someone spill food or drink – just wash it away with the hose.


Artificial grass is perfect for backyards with pools.


4. Decks & Rooftops

If you have an outdoor balcony, a rooftop terrace, patio or deck, these can be perfect places to fully utilize artificial grass. With the proper drainage, adding grass to unexpected areas is a fun, playful use of space, and transforms areas that might otherwise feel a bit cold or uninviting.


This artificial grass balcony really makes the space pop, and gives a warm inviting feeling year-round.


5. Sports and Entertainment

You know that artificial grass can make amazing putting greens – but that’s not all it’s good for. In addition to putting greens and sports fields, we’ve installed backyard badminton courts and bocce ball courts in many yards. Having an entertainment option that isn’t yet another streaming video service can be a welcome change for those who like to spend more time socializing and being active, not glued to the couch.


This family chose badminton in addition to a putting green, for an active outdoor social life.


6. Go Vertical

If you haven’t seen the latest offerings from Calico Greens, you have to check them out! These vertical gardens are the latest in artificial landscaping. Vertical gardens add another dimension to your landscaping possibilities and can be used in both indoor our outdoor spaces.  


This vertical garden adds a lush feel to this modern backyard patio.


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