Does Artificial Grass Affect Home Resale Value?

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Artificial Turf Cost, Why Go With Artificial Turf

If you’re planning on staying in your current home forever, then you should do as you please. But if you’re considering artificial grass and you’re not sure you’re going to be in your home that long, resale value is something you need to be considering (when we say resale value, we’re talking about what a home will sell for on the market, not what it’s appraised at for tax purposes).


Here’s a quick list of the of the big issues you might want to consider, along with some quotes from homeowners with experience:

  1. Curb Appeal is Everything. Every realtor will tell you that selling your home for a good price is all about curb appeal. If the front lawn looks nice and well-maintained, that’s going to go a long way towards making a sale. What does that mean for you? Well, artificial grass can look amazing, and it can look not-so-amazing. The difference comes down to the quality of the grass and the installation. That’s why it’s important to choose a high-quality artificial grass with expert installation. It also means making smart landscaping choices that make the best use of artificial grass. Lower quality grass, a poorly done installation, or an uninspired design may actually reduce the value of your home. But if it’s done properly? Expect it to have a positive impact.
  2. It matters where you live. In arid areas like Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, north Texas, and part of California, artificial grass has become more acceptable (and even desirable). The consistent, lush green look of artificial grass can be a sight for sore eyes and a welcome backyard play area for children, while keeping the yard free of allergens and muddy hazards.
  3. It’s still polarizing. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s all sunshine and roses. Not everyone’s going to love synthetic grass, and you’ll lose some buyers who just want a natural lawn (they’re generally the same people that insist on buying a real Christmas tree every year). But for most buyers, it will be just another factor to consider, like whether the house has an island kitchen or double-pane windows.

“I live in L.A. and drought tolerant landscaping is a HUGE deal. It will increase resale value but be careful of fake grass. Some looks like cheap green plastic and then there’s some that can pass for real grass in look and feel.” (from William McCarty)

“I am in Southern California and we installed artificial grass in our back yard in an area where nothing would grow and we wanted a space for kids to play. Real estate agents that have seen our house have commented that our specific use of the artificial grass adds value because it was part of an overall landscaping design scheme that now makes the back yard an inviting space whereas once it was just dirt and leaves. “ (from lawvas)

“Nevadan here. Water district will pay us to tear out grass in favor of desert friendly landscaping including artificial grass. Be aware that the stuff comes in various grades, and further can be installed well or poorly. Impact on resale value boils down to curb appeal: “how does it look?” TLDR: don’t cheap out if you go this route.” (from ShortWoman)

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