Amazing Backyard Putting Greens with Artificial Grass

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Artificial Turf Backyards, Putting Greens, Testimonials

If you’re a golfer, you know how important those last few strokes are, how precise you need to be on the green. It’s a challenge I think even non-golfers can appreciate. If you’ve spent any amount of time envisioning a putting green in your backyard, then let me show you some amazing examples we’ve done for our clients just this year.

I love this design. I love how it fits seamlessly into the yard – see how it curves around that tree in the back – providing plenty of backyard space while also making it clear that the putting green is the main event. It also has plenty of different holes for a slightly different challenge. But I haven’t even mentioned the best part.

Hidden on the side of this house in Phoenix is a bit of fairway so this golfer can practice not just putting, but their whole short game. From here you can practice chipping and pitching, and the different holes you see in front of you each take on their own unique challenge. It’s a ingenious design, and you can tell this client really loves golf.

It almost doesn’t merit mentioning because I think it’s obvious, but artificial grass is the clear choice for backyard putting greens. Just think of all the maintenance required if this was real grass. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Your putting green doesn’t have to always be the main event. This yard in Mesa, Arizona devotes most of the space to a longer-blade artificial grass selected from one of our many available varieties. It’s a sad fat that not everyone shares your love of golf, and if you have kids you know that sometimes you have to make sacrifices. That said, I love this example because it demonstrates that you can enjoy the game without having to make golf your number one priority. Por que no los dos? You can have putting green and still have room for gatherings and family events.

This is another great example for a client in Scottsdale. Again, love the design, how it fits seamlessly into the backyard, and the rocks around are a nice touch.

There is some maintenance involved in an artificial grass putting green. You’ll need to rake away debris to make sure they don’t mold, and repair divots with a divot repair tool. An occasional spray with an all-natural mold repellent will also make sure that your green stays in tip-top shape.


Okay last example – and a personal favorite. Space was tight in this yard compared to some of the other examples here, and the homeowner himself designed this great poolside putting green. Really combined the best of both worlds here, artificial grass is also a great solution for the areas around pools, too!

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