7 Artificial Grass Misconceptions

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Why Go With Artificial Turf

When you serve an area for a decade with artificial grass, you will hear things that make you chuckle. Seems like people have a habit of turning myth into fact when it comes to artificial grass. With that in mind, here are seven artificial grass misconceptions.

It Looks Fake

We understand, this may have been a true statement in the days of the old Houston Astrodome. The stuff they used back then was substandard. It definitely did not look real and was hard in addition. However, artificial grass has come a  long way since those days. Newer fibers (polypropylene) are used in addition to urethane and polyethylene. The end result offers an artificial grass product with varied blade length, thickness and height. Today’s artificial grass products are realistic looking. This is one of those artificial grass misconceptions that is simply not true today.

It’s Too Expensive

Keep in mind, artificial grass is an investment. And, as with most investments, up front costs can seem a bit overwhelming. However, let us speak to this for a minute. The average artificial grass lawn pays for itself in 6 years. After that, your lawn pays you. Talk about return on investment!

Plus, many lawns well out live their warranties. Some individuals enjoy their artificial lawn for 15-20 years without any major repairs! Of course, we can’t guarantee that. Every artificial grass install is unique and has different needs. This is why we recommend you call Paradise Greens and speak with us directly. Together, we can create the perfect artificial grass install and work with your budget!

It Gets Too Hot

This is one of those artificial grass misconceptions we hear all the time. Fortunately, we sell products featuring cool blade technology. These artificial grass products keep grass cooler than rock and cement under normal conditions. In addition, your grass stays noticeably cooler than grass products without the technology. So how does it work? Cool blade features are built right into each artificial grass blade.

However, even products without cool blade technology can still keep their cool. The easiest way to accomplish this is a simple spritz with a water hose. The effects are instantaneous. Also, consider putting up a lawn umbrella on hot summer days. The grass beneath stays cool. You can enjoy reading a book while sipping a nice summer drink. Also, your pets will love it too!

You Have to Use Crumb Rubber

If you have spent any time on athletic fields then you may be familiar with crumb rubber. The purpose is to serve as infill and shock absorber. Yet, practically speaking , the pellets get lodged in between your cleats and can be a pain. Plus, many people say crumb rubber is horrible for the environment. However, new advancements mean you don’t have to use it exclusively for infill. Sand and silica are also an option. And if you need odor control, we use a patented product, Zeofill, to keep your artificial grass smelling fresh.

However, we can also say the argument for crumb rubber  as bad for the environment has been severely diminished. Keep in mind, the only reason crumb rubber is bad for the environment had to do with the manufacturing process. Now, crumb rubber is made in creative ways. So this means we can check this one off the list of artificial grass misconceptions. For instance, Nike Grind uses crumb rubber from old tennis shoes. This creates zero impact on the environment since the rubber has already been made. Nike is recycling existing product. This is great news for the industry.

Nike Grind uses crumb rubber from old tennis shoes. This creates zero impact on the environment since the rubber has already been made. Nike is recycling existing product. This is great news for the industry.

It is Non-Recyclable

Remember how we talked earlier about artificial used to look fake? The same thing applies here. Artificial grass used to be hard to recycle. That is not the case anymore. In fact, the most popular way artificial grass is recycled is through reuse. As business owners and homeowners upgrade or update their spaces, old artificial grass finds new life. Often times, it finds new life as feature spots for low traffic areas.

However, it gets even better. Today, every single component of artificial grass recyclable. This is beneficial for the environment. In addition to keeping prices low, it finds application in other areas. Once refined, the components can be used for other industries. This is one of those artificial grass misconceptions we can put to rest.

It Lowers Property Value

When it comes to artificial grass misconceptions, this one is laughable. In several states (like California for instance) installing artificial grass can qualify a home as green. The impact on maintenance and water conservation are a few factors that contribute toward making a home “green certified.” This is attractive to home buyers as it increases property value. However, that is just one way. Artificial grass increases property values in many other ways. It’s an attractive selling point!

No Trees Allowed

Yes, you can have trees AND artificial grass. Many people live under the false assumption that if they have an artificial lawn, they can not have trees. All that is necessary is a tree ring. If you have questions about that, we can help! We have been installing in the Paradise valley area for a decade. As such, we can help you keep your trees and have artificial grass.

Let Paradise Greens Bust Your Artificial Grass Misconceptions

Now these seven artificial grass misconceptions are no more. As a result,  we invite you to consider our products. The easiest way to see everything we have to offer is to pay us a visit. We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our street address is 8321 East Gelding Drive. Of course, if you can stop by, no problem. We can come to you.

Simply schedule an appointment and we will bring product samples to you. Once you see and feel our products, we are sure you will want an install. So don’t let artificial grass misconceptions stop you from having your dream yard. Paradise Greens will make your yard look fantastic. However, don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our customer testimonials. You can’t argue with satisfaction!

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