Is Artificial Grass Realistic Looking?

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Why Go With Artificial Turf

So there is one guarantee when it comes to artificial grass. Without a doubt, the first question any potential customers has is, “How realistic does it look?”  Well, this post is the answer. take a look at our latest install. The picture below is truly amazing. And the best part? It was taken by our customer. Would you just look at their yard! How is that for realistic artificial grass?

realistic artificial grass

Realistic Artificial Grass: Paradise Greens Has the Best!

Seems like this latest install was a showstopper! Our customer is just as excited as we are. In fact, that’s one of the reasons they gave us this picture. The other reason? Do we really need to say it? Honestly, if you had a backyard like this one you would want to show it off too! We can’t blame them!

However, look at the lawn itself. Our artificial grass products are some of the most real looking on the market. In fact, our So Real variety is a spot on look alike when compared to traditional lawns. Our Xs artificial grass product is another equally suited lawn substitute. We are proud to say we have some of the most real looking artificial grass products in the industry. So how do we do it?

Honestly, it’s in the manufacturing. Of course, our products are different there as well. for instance, Paradise Greens only uses artificial grass made in the USA. We believe in giving you the best so we only use the best. In our opinion, foreign products can not be trusted. Seems like many of them do not use quality ingredients and raw materials. Honestly, those are necessities if you want artificial grass that looks real. of course, the best option is to choose us. We carry the most real looking artificial grass on the market.

Why Does Our Grass Looks so Real?

So let’s spend a few moments talking about why our grass looks so real. Rather, come by our office and see for yourself. Our address is:

Paradise Greens
8321 E Gelding Drive Suite 100
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Coming to our headquarters offers several advantages. For instance, we have samples on site. Of course, we will be happy to send some to you during a consult. However, coming to our office will allow you to see everything we have to offer. Plus, we have putting greens. As a result, you can relieve some stress trying out our realistic putting greens for free!
In doing these two things you will notice Paradise Greens has the most real looking artificial grass. Look closely and you will see why. Remember we mentioned we only use products made in the USA? Well, here is where it pays off. Looking at our product closely you may notice the varied blade length and color. Also, you may notice varied blade thickness. This works to simulate a traditional lawn. And it works because a natural lawn presents this way.


Varied Blade Length, Thickness and Height


Think about it. No two blades of grass are the same height, Rather, they are varied, even just a few hours after mowing. Also, they are not the same thickness. In fact, sometimes they are not the same type. other little varietals may sneak into your lawn over time. the result is a lawn that has multiple blade lengths and thicknesses. As for color, well, this has to do with how well the grass is fed. Yet, even at that, individual blade color will vary due to nutrients taken in by each independent blade.
And don’t forget water. Since each blade receives a different amount of water, natural color variation occurs. To replicate this, many of our artificial grass uses a three color combination to mimic the natural phenomenon. In addition, varied blade thickness creates the most realistic looking artificial grass.

Thatch Seals the Deal for Realistic Looking Grass

However, there is one more tiny detail that creates realistic artificial grass. We have synthetic fibers woven in to create the look of thatch. Honestly, this is what you will find if you look closely at a natural lawn. As grass dies it falls in between the blades and turns brown. This, along with other organic matter, creates a layer of debris known as thatch. Just the right amount and it feeds your lawn, Too much and your lawn will die. We make sure our artificial grass has just the right amount of fake thatch woven in to create the most realistic, healthy looking real grass imaginable.

So that’s how our artificial grass looks so real! We are known around Scottsdale and the surrounding area for making artificial grass look so real. Take another moment and look at our customer’s yard again. Would you be able to tell this was artificial grass if you did not know any better?

Exactly. And that is why we pride ourselves in what we do. We have so many testimonials form satisfied customers. And while they speak about our professionalism and punctuality, they also speak to our product quality. Every customer is always so impressed with how realistic our grass looks. In fact, many of them say it looks and feels better than anything else they have sampled.

For the Best Artificial Grass, Contact or Visit Paradise Greens!

So if you are looking for the most realistic artificial grass Glendale, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surrounding area, contact us! Our staff are waiting to answer your questions or concerns. Honestly, they can’t wait to turn you into another satisfied customer. Yet, take us up on the previous offer. Please, stop by our Scottsdale office and see everything we have to offer.

After all, it’s one thing for us to tell you we have the most realistic looking artificial grass. it’s another to show you! Besides, we want to be able to explain all of the benefits artificial grass offers. For example, low maintenance, lower water bills, environmental impact… and that’s the short list. Don’t get us started on warranty, return on investment and other amazing benefits. I guess what we are trying to say is we could talk about artificial grass all day.

Yet instead, we would rather show you. Once you see our realistic artificial grass, you just might be hooked!

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