Paradise Greens Ranked #1 in Arizona Two Years In A Row!

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Recent News

Every year AZ Media puts out a publication ranking Arizona businesses according to industry category. Paradise Greens ranked #1 again this year in the Synthetic Lawn / Putting Green Category for Ranking Arizona! That means we have been #1 two years in a row! The best part? No bias. Each person is only allowed to vote once. This process ensures businesses are ranked true to consumer opinion.

The ranking is significant because selection is based on customer experience, rather than industry insiders. To get a top spot, you have to consistently deliver a solid product and excellent customer service. You can’t just buy a few cocktails for your business friends and win their votes.

What It Takes to be Number One

ranking arizona paradise greensSo why was Paradise Greens ranked #1? Well, we have more than 5,000 installs under our belt and and a 6,000 square foot showroom. We have created everything from dog runs to play spaces for kids and families and even have partnerships with Costco and Home Depot as certified installers.

However, we feel our commitment to superior products, our superb installation crew and customer satisfaction are the reason we were ranked #1. Incidentally, these three areas cover all three side of the classic people, process, product business formula. Does this makes us stand out in Maricopa County? We think so. Let’s take a closer look.

Paradise Greens Ranked #1 for These Three Reasons

Superior Product. This is really important to who we are as a company. Our product drives sales. It has to be good. People always have a choice. When they choose you, there is a reason. We work hard on the product side to make it difficult for them choose someone else. How do we do this?

First, all of our sustainable products are made right here in the US. We believe in supporting the American economy and its workforce because we believe they always manufacture a superior product. Plus, we know what goes into these products since they are made in the states. We can visit the location anytime and see the raw materials. You never know what you are going to get with import products. They can say anything and deliver an inferior product. Second, our quality is second to none in two ways:

  • Cool Blade Technology. This allows your artificial grass to stay cool in direct sunlight. Many synthetic lawns look green, but can be downright hot in the summer. Not ours. Cool blade means you can enjoy your lawn all year long, no matter how hot the temperature.
  • Anti-Glare Technology. Some artificial turf has a fake sheen or shimmer to it. In direct sunlight it can be blinding. All of our turf has an anti-glare technology. This not only cuts down on glare; but creates a more realistic looking product too.
  • Turf Make-Up. Look at any yard. You won’t find a uniform sea of green. There are color variances and some brown as well due to thatch and dead grass. Our turf color is varied to create the look of real grass, with thatch fibers woven in to create a synthetic turf product with a lush appearance.

Installation Crew. Experience is half the job. Pit an experienced installer against a rookie and you will see the difference every time. Experienced installers work faster and know how to navigate challenging obstacles during the process.

Many of our installers have been part of the Paradise Greens team since our beginning in 2005. They weren’t newbies when they started working for us either. That kind of experience generates a strong team with an incredible work ethic and great personality. This is why we have some of the best artificial turf services in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction. Without customers you are dead in the water. However, to get them takes more than just a sales pitch. If that were the case every business would be bursting at the seams. Great customer service in the synthetic lawn business involves clear explanation and buy in.

Fortunately, we have had success in both departments. Take our most recent video testimonial from Kevin and Jessica. They chose Paradise Greens because they felt we had a superior product, professional approach, and wonderful installers with a great work ethic. Jessica noted the installers showed up early and to get started. They were neat, tidy, had pleasant attitudes and completed an install that exceeded their expectations.

Tying it All Together

You see how these three factors support every part of the equation? The people side begins with a sales pitch discussing our products and their quality, why they are unique and why that matters. Second, the install team handles the process side. Each install must be planned and executed to exceed expectations. And finally, the product side (touched on a bit at the beginning) is realized at the end with the installation of a beautiful artificial grass lawn.

These are the factors we believe contributed to our ranking. They are also the same reasons our commercial installs are so successful. We have many successful commercial installs under our belt that we attribute to the same factors. We have installed synthetic turf for:

  • Applewood Pet Resort
  • Hyatt Gainey Ranch
  • Marriott Camelback Inn
  • Andaz Hotel

Every install we do must focus on the unique needs of the customer and exceed their expectations. It’s how we have been doing business since 2005 and we don’t plan to change it. If you have been considering a synthetic lawn call us today. The consult is free. We welcome the chance to show you how Paradise Greens can make a difference for your space. We can provide you with a lawn that will look green for years to come. If you want a putting green, pet run or kids play space, we can do that too. We will work to make sure you are satisfied with the end result. Come see why Paradise Greens ranked #1 in Arizona.

Oh, and if you don’t have the guide, grab one. It is a great reference resource. All you have to do is flip through the pages and choose a top rated business for your next project. It’s like having a Who’s Who of Arizona businesses at your fingertips. Just be sure to check out the Synthetic Lawns/Putting Greens section while you browse. You might see a familiar face.

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