Back Yard First, Front Yard Second: A Paradise Greens Makeover

by | May 1, 2018 | Recent News, Testimonials

When Patty and Dwight reached out to us, they knew exactly what they wanted. Seems their backyard was lackluster. So, after noticing the amazing artificial lawn their friends had, they made inquiry. Consequently, a Paradise Greens makeover came to the rescue. As it happens, we were the artificial turf company that transformed their neighbor’s lawn.

What a transformation!

And when Patty and Dwight contacted us, they knew exactly what they were looking for. They wanted a maintenance free backyard, with a putting green as part of it. We accepted the challenge. As a result, there were three components to the install.  They were:

  • Backyard Putting Green
  • Chip Zone
  • Lawn Space

Of course, we are no stranger to putting green installs, so we got right to work. The end result was amazing. Patty and Dwight enjoy a maintenance free backyard and brush up on their golf game. All of the components came together creating a stunning look. Yet, this is just part of the story. As with any good read, there is a second act.


One Paradise Greens Makeover: Repeat Business a Few Weeks Later

For Dwight and Patty, it was their front yard. Seems like they enjoyed their backyard so much they decided to revamp the front! Consequently, when they called, we were ready. However, unlike the backyard, this install was pretty straight forward.

The front yard was a straight forward install.

First of all, we removed their front lawn with a sod removal machine. Next, we installed our Paradise So Real artificial grass. Dwight and Patty were very pleased with the outcome. As a result, it raise a few questions for you. Have you considered artificial grass? Do you think the process is more involved than it really is? Maybe you think it takes a lot of time to install. You might even think it will create one huge mess.

Look at Dwight and Patty’s install for answers. We completely removed their backyard and replaced it with artificial grass in just a couple of days. Also, keep in mind, the back yard had multiple components. There was the putting green, chipping area and lawn itself to contend with. Plus, they were integrated as one piece, so additional work was required.

However, even at that, the install did not require a week’s worth of work. Experienced crews can perform an install in under a day, even if they require multiple components like Dwight and Patty’s install did. So all of this to say, their front yard was a breeze. All we had to do was remove the sod and lay down the Paradise So Real product. Do you worry about time and intrusion? Call us.

Worry Free Artificial Grass Installation

Our free consults go a long way towards a smooth install experience for you. First of all, we will work with you to set up a time that fits your schedule and suits your needs. Next, we will drop by your house and bring samples so you can feel our product for yourself. Finally, an install date is set.

After that, our crew will show up on time (a rarity by today’s standards) and get right to work. Furthermore, once they finished, they will clean up. That’s right, the Paradise greens crew does not leave a mess behind! Look at the testimonial video and see for yourself. Dwight and Patty were so impressed with their backyard experience, they used us for their front yard too! That speaks volumes.

The backyard was more complex than the front. A putting green and chipping area were added in addition to lawn space.

Artificial Grass Savings for Years to Come

Beyond brushing up on their golf game, Dwight and Patty will also enjoy a host of other artificial grass benefits. Take a look at this list:


Say goodbye to cutting the grass. On average, an artificial lawn pays for itself within 6 years. After that, whatever you would normally spend on lawn care goes directly back in your pocket. With average yearly lawn care costs between $2,000-$2,5000, savings can add up quick!

Equipment Repair

Because of constant use, lawn equipment breaks down. Those repairs can really add up. Sometimes, replacement is required. None of this happens with a paradise Greens makeover. Why wrestle with a lawnmower or weed eater if you don’t have too?


So we know artificial grass will curb water use for. It requires no water to stay green. However, what about the cost of irrigation? A standard system costs anywhere between $2,500-$3,500 to install. When they break, expect to pony up around $200 or so. Yet remember, artificial grass requires none of this!

Extra Cleaning Products

Finally, let’s not forget hidden costs of extra cleaning products. As mud and dirt track inside, rugs, clothes and upholstery require more cleaning. Yet, with a Paradise Greens makeover, none of this is required. Your lawn stays green and lush year round. Plus, some of our products carry up to a 15 year warranty!

So it’s easy to see why Dwight and Patty are pleased and will be pleased for years to come. Yet, if after reading this, you feel inspired, we can help. Reach out today and see how Paradise Greens can transform your backyard. One phone call could set you up to be our next great testimonial!

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